Winter Inspired Wedding Invitations

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Winter wedding invites can vary from elegant, contemporary to really funky styles. You don’t even have to limit your choices to several colors and shades. Let your imagination run wild and find ways to add traditional colors in really innovative ways.

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If you’re looking for a festive vibe, holiday inspired invites should be your first choice. Go for a deep red shade along with some silver sparkles, or choose a clover green tone instead. Metallic accents can also emphasize your Christmas inspired theme. Look at clearance stationary and see if you can find any festive or holidays cards that might inspire you. If you want something classy yet festive, just go for a beige color with a dark brown combo and a satin sash at the middle of the invite. The way the cardstock is shaped can also influence your decision. It can resemble a gift or even a Christmas tree. Stay focused on the winter symbols when choosing such unique shapes. A snowflake inspired invite can really put the guests into a festive mood, without the sparkles and shine.

If your theme is based on the winter wonderland concept, it’s best to opt for non traditional holiday shades and hues. Stay away from anything blue and silver or red and gold. Vellum is the perfect choice to give the invites a frosted glass look. For a more contemporary style, it’s best to look for anything with graphic elements such as polka dots in grey and navy colors, or you can also add natural elements onto the invites. This could include a tree limn covered in faux snow or some little berries and branches. Craft stores are fully stocked with all these kind of items. You can buy colorful ribbons, strings, stickers and many other fun and useful things to embellish the invites. A decorative brooch can do wonders, or some pine cones attached to the invitation.

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