Wedding In Miami: Cascade Wedding Cakes

Food & Drinks | October 06 2010 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

Wedding cakes can be of so many types that it is sometimes very hard to decide which is the best, which is the most beautiful and which would be most appropriate for your wedding ceremony. Well, I am suggesting something interesting which can take any shape and will impress everybody: the cascade wedding cake. It implies many tiers, but not one on top of the other, but on different plates.

They look smashing with some amazing decorations and are appropriate for any kind of wedding, be it elegant, simple or non-conformist. Moreover, the cake is easier to cut and put on plates for the guests. Then, the slices can be easily given to the guests, because you don’t have to be afraid to cut the cake, good slices will be easier to cut. I believe that a cascade weeding cake is a very good choice.

If you planned to marry in Miami, then I must congratulate you, you have made a wonderful decision and you must know that too. If you didn’t decide to a location for your wedding ceremony, then let me suggest you some beautiful places. I am talking about The Zen House, Club Of Knights, Knights Loft on Bayshore, Deering Estate or Koubek Mansion. Miami residents know them for sure, but if are not living in Miami, then you must know that these are some of the best places that can host wedding ceremonies in all Miami.

Do check their websites and see their picture galleries and then decide if you like them or not. But I personally think you will like at least one of them. Don’t forget to check their price list, because such fabulous wedding locations in Miami are not quite cheap. But if you ask me, they are totally worth the money. Besides everything, the serving is exceptional! Also, check to see if the day you planned for your wedding ceremony is booked of not.

The next step you have to make is ordering the cascade wedding cake. The more beautifully decorated it is, the more appreciated your wedding ceremony will be. Don’t worry, Miami has great confectioneries and here I am refering to this, this, this and this. Do check their wedding cake picture galleries and you will understand why I said they are some of the best confectioneries in Miami, without any doubt.

The confectioners that are hired there are very devoted, and are international culinary prize winners. The prices vary, due to many aspects, like the complexity of the cake, the ingredients used, the shape, the design and the decorations the cascade wedding cake has. But have no fear, the confectioneries I recommanded are very serious and they are always trying to respect entirely the client’s demands. Each time, the results are fabulous and flawless, that is why they are so famous.11

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