Wedding In Chicago: Green Apple Wedding Cakes

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You know what they say: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. It a wise saying because it is also true. Apples are very healthy for the human organism and keeps us safe from some illnesses through its major component, the vitamin C. Which is important for the organism to be able to battle the illnesses.

Enough with the medical lesson. Green apples are used in many ways, such as for juices, candies, syrups and other things. Ok, but did you ever tasted a green apple wedding cake? I have and I assure you that green apple wedding cakes are pretty damn good. They taste a bit sour but sweet in the same time. Just like the way you are used to the green apple taste. Think of that and add a hint of white chocolate. What do you say, would you like to eat such a great combination of tastes? I sure would.

You have here some imagines with green apple wedding cakes to see that they are good looking too. The decorations are simple and nice, but the combination between the green of the apples and the white of the frosting is a good one. I am sure you will enjoy the pictures and they might even convince you to have your own green apple wedding cake for your wedding.

Talking about weddings, if you planned to get married in Chicago, well good for you. You made a wise decision. Chicago has a lot of nice places to offer that can host weddings. And here I am thinking of places such as The Congress Plaza Hotel, Grove Redfield Estate, Bolingbrook Golf Club, Golden Budha Chinese Restaurant, McCormick Place Convention Center or The Meadows Club Convention & Banquet Center.

If you live in Chicago, you surely must have heard about these places. They are some of the best locations that can host weddings in all Chicago. They are not cheap at all, but that is obvious, taking into consideration the fact that they are some of the best. But if you ask me, they are totally worth each and every penny. The servies they offer are flawless and the decors inside the locations are exquisite. Again, trust me, these places are totally worth it.

Moreover, you need to order the green apple wedding cake. And if you don’t know where to order it, I can advice you to order it from websites like this, this, this and this.

These are some very good confectioneries in all Chicago. Just look at their wedding cake picture galleries and you will be convinced about the mastership of the confectioners that work at those confectioneries. You won’t find anything better than this to make you your own green apple wedding cake.


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