Wedding Centerpieces Pumpkin Fall Harvest

Wedding Party | October 05 2012 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

A fall harvest theme is a great choice for your wedding reception. You should start by choosing the colors for this look and then the decorations. Pumpkins can be used all over the reception area along with some floral arrangements. They can be natural flowers which will probably mean you have to spend a lot more money but they can also be silk ones. You can arrange them yourself or you can hire a professional florist to help you out. Choose multicolored flowers if you want to brighten up the location or go for some dark orange ones. Carnations or mums can be used as centerpieces and so can the pumpkins Instead of vases. Use the pumpkins ornaments and fill them up with flowers or leaves. You can also use plastic pumpkins instead of real ones and use candy for this look.

Hay can also be added in these containers along with some wildflowers. If you want to create a romantic ambiance use lanterns as centerpieces and miniature pumpkins all over the table. You can also find some pumpkin shaped candles which you can add on top of some mirrors. This will create a more elegant look. You can buy these candles in bulk along with some containers. They should be clear ones so that you can add the candles in them. These pumpkins can also be placed at the entryways along with some fairy lights. Hang some hay bouquets at the entryways as well in order to give the venue a more rustic note.

Wedding Centerpieces Pumpkin Fall Harvest

Wedding Centerpieces Pumpkin Fall Harvest (Photo by: Susan Bible)

Hiring a wedding planner can be quite helpful but can be expensive at the same time. So if you can’t afford to hire such a professional you and your husband have to take matters into your own hands. Plan every single detail and make a list of things that need to be done. Look for great sales and good stores you can buy your supplies from. Browse more than one until you find every missing piece for your fall harvest wedding décor. The venue has to reflect your style and personal likes.