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There is a reason why people talk so much about wedding invitations. There is a reason why they give so much attention to what, apparently seems to be rather easy to manage. Why is that? Why all the fuss around the subject? An invitation is an invitation: it contains a date and a location and the names of those behind. Are wedding invitations that different from this picture? If so, how are they so different? Well, to be honest it’s the invitation itself that is different but the occasion it refers to.

To invite people to a wedding is not something that happens on a regular basis. It’s not like a New Year’s Eve party: every year at the same date. No, a wedding is a unique moment in one’s life. This explains all the fuss: you have to be very attentive to each and every detail as you don’t get to repeat them. The wedding invitation is the trailer of this day and your guests deserve to have the best. So, why not make an effort with these cards? With all the guidelines available at any time day and night it is impossible to make major mistakes. Of course, small errors are accepted as you are still an amateur in the domain. We are all amateurs when planning a wedding…like it or not!

Wording for wedding invitations? Is that a special chapter? You’re inclined to ask yourselves that after seeing just how many articles focus on the subject. Designers and retailers seem to be very interested in making sure that you write everything right. That is there are more and more sections entitled Wording Samples. This is how they understand to help you all the way. All there is left for you to do is to go from one article to another and see what you can make out of them. It’s mostly about reading than anything else. Once you are familiar with the basics and you have some clue about rules and etiquette, it is only fair to work a little bit on making it more personal. It is never enough to just pick something from the Internet and put it on your cards.

It takes something more than that. The theme of the wedding is very important in choosing both the design and the wording for the wedding invitations. For example, when the tone of the wedding is very formal, elegant and classy all in the same time it is only normal to use monograms for the design part and…let’s say a classic poem for the wording. When the wedding ceremony and reception is different, less formal and even exotic then maybe bold colors and some unusual wording for wedding invitations are more appropriate. Of course, you can break the rules and come up with your own original ideas.

Retailers encourage such a behavior. They encourage you to be original and not just copy and paste some examples from one site or another. About Weddings.com is one of them. You will be able to find on their website many articles on the subject. They are determined to make the process simpler for you. The first advice is to personalize the wording so that it talks about you and your family, about your love story and about this very special day. To be different is not just easy but also fun. The next stop for more tips on the subject could be A Dream Wedding.com. They understand that every bride and groom have a dream of their own when it comes to weddings so it is only normal that they help to make it real. What you can find on this site is both instructions and samples….the complete package.

It would be a good idea to browse through these guidelines before you start working on the wording even though you think it’s an easy job. You can never be too sure when it comes to the wedding day and what is right in relation with it.11

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