Unusal, Odd Unique Gifts

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You’re tired of the usual classical gifts you’ve given for years. And the person you’re suppose to give a gift is the kind of impredictable, original, quirky person. She or he stands out from the crowd with her or his crazy ideas.

The kind of person that likes to have a ball needs nothing more. So buy him or her what is officially called “the gift of nothing”, that is a ball full of nothing. Yes, I’m talking about a transparent empty ball. And you might get a birthday card wishing all the best and explaining that person that she or he already has it all.

Unusal, Odd Unique Gifts

Unusal, Odd Unique Gifts from geardiary.com

As her spectacular personality shines, get her or him a pair of unique glow in the dark gloves. And I think that stripy toe socks would fit the gloves outfit. I forgot to mention the gloves have stripes too. But maybe those toe socks have become rather usual. Try massage socks instead. They are actually Reflexology socks that show us where to press to activate the body centers. It’s a perfect gift for the alternative therapies fans. And for the ecologist a birdseed shoes is an unique pair of shoes. Unique and unusual.

Is he into Star Wars and has a real obsession for Science Fiction? Get him a Jedi bath robe or a special laser sword and let the force be with him. Don’t forget to have his name embroidered, or if you think he’d enjoy it, embroider the name of his Jedi hero. As an alternative, a Star Trek talking keychain will teleport him into the SF world.

Unusal, Odd Unique Gifts

Unusal, Odd Unique Gifts from technabob.com

Have you ever heard of a blow-up wall clock? Unique and pretty unusual. What can be so unusual about a clock? Check out the image and think about it as a present for the “time traveler”. Since our time traveler seems to have his or her own perception of time, maybe an Infinity wristwatch is suitable. It is designed with a system to create a virtual infinity of mirrors.

It’s time we got to the electronic gadgets. An mp3 headphone hat is a nice gadget for her, as she is always lost inside the music world. This way she can listen to her favorite tunes and be “undercover”. Or you could help her relax with the Mp3 Messager. Music can be enjoyed with the radio toaster. An item of double use: toasts the bread and helps her burn the calories after breakfast by dancing on her favorite music. Has she got the rhythm in her? Get her the finger drums. Absolutely original, so cute and so fun.

Unusal, Odd Unique Gifts

Unusal, Odd Unique Gifts from thinkgeek.com

Has he got a strange sense of humor? A pair of racing grannies might start a laughter. He might even enjoy drinking from the toilet mug you’ve just bought him. Or he might use the Face Butt towel you’ve given him. Just to help him dry his body properly and then he can try to put on the world’s largest underwear. That’s another unique odd gift. All these are just a few of the odd, unusual unique gifts available.

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