United States Army Wedding Cakes

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Wedding cakes are gaining every year more and more creative designs and they tend to accurately describe the theme or the situation of the wedding ceremony. The tradition of the wedding cake goes back to the Roman era. There wasn’t of course the custom to decorate the baked cake or top it or ice it as the wedding cake consist of a loaf of bread that was broken in pieces over the heads of the bridal couple. This meant to bring them good luck and prosperity.

Middle Age brought with it another kind of bridal cake, biscuits or scones. The guests were the ones supposed to bring small cakes that were gathered in a pile across which the wedding couple was meant to kiss; this fact would bring them good luck in their marriage. Later the French bakers gathered many wheat buns one on top of the other and covered them in icing. This is actually the first time that the wedding cake started to look with the one made nowadays.

united-states-army-wedding-cakesAmong the couples that get married there are several couples working in the army field and are willing to organize their wedding ceremony in a military manner. Some may say that this is quite a torture as the military outfit seems not always the perfect choice for a wedding gown. And of course other aspects may follow, the impossibility of finding the proper location, the proper stationery for the invitation, even the proper decoration – topping, icing – for wedding cakes.

But military couples need not worry. For instance there are plenty of bakeries in the US that bake United States army wedding cakes, one more good looking and yummier than the other.  There is an entire list of options starting from wedding cakes decorated with symbols from the army, such as the patriotic motifs to toppings with the figurines resembling the military wedding couple.

All that the military wedding couples need to do is search for the bakers, and ask for their portfolio. In there they can find a variety of United States army wedding cakes and they can order the topping and icing in the colors that match their desires and tastes. Nowadays with the imagination and creativity of the bakers a military wedding party will not lack even the most inventive decorated cake.11

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