Tropical Wedding Cakes

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For a very casual and exotic beach wedding destination day, a tropical wedding cake will look extremely distinct and inspired. A tropical wedding cake usually lightens up the party and brings a cool breeze to your guests. There are many tropical wedding cake toppers that can catch your eye, just search to find those that can match best your wedding theme and profile.


In general, tropical wedding cakes are perfect for a summer wedding day, decorated with seasonal vibrant exotic flowers, fruits or any other tropical edible cake decorations you may find it attractive and beautiful. But there are no rules regarding to the necessity of a summer wedding day for a tropical wedding cake. And for sure you don’t have to plan your wedding day on a tropical island in Hawaii to buy a tropical wedding cake.

You can have a perfect garden wedding day and still serve your guests a delicious and impressive tropical wedding cake. To complement the wedding theme use tropical wedding decorations and floral arrangements and the garden wedding can look as beautiful and original as a sandy beach tropical wedding day.

The tropical wedding cake is also very often used in winter season as well, especially by the couples with lots of humor and imagination. What can be more attractive, delicious and suitable for a winter wedding night than a splendid unique and appetizing tropical wedding cake? As we all know it, you don’t need to have a specific wedding theme to com out with a beautiful and romantic tropical wedding cake. Caribbean or Polynesia breezes are very common pictures among tropical wedding cakes.

Depending on your imagination, creativity and tastes, you can ask a specialized tropical wedding cake designer to create you something amazing and extremely attractive to suit your character and desires. The most popular tropical wedding cakes are decorated with tropical and exotic flowers. But you can also incorporate other tropical motifs such as birds, fruits and beach elements: sand, waves, sea foam or sand castles.

Any tropical ornaments an be made out from fondant for the wedding desert to look and be appetizing and realistic. You can ask the wedding cake designer to decorate your tropical wedding cake with anything you have in mind, especially since everything can be eatable, made from edible special sugar pastes, fondants or marzipan.

Cakes made by: Maisie Fantaisie

The flavors can be pretty amazing too: coconut, lilikoi – the Hawaiian passion fruit -, banana, mango, guava, pineapple, macadamia nut, rum or lemon. You just need to find the right tropical wedding cake that can match your wedding budget because some of these particular deserts are pretty expensive. Designers have lots of details to take care of, and therefore a themed wedding cake can cost you very much.11

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