What To Wear: Tuxedo Vs. Suit

01 November 2018 0 Comments

What to Wear: Tuxedo (Tux) vs. Suit

We all know the bride is the most important piece of the wedding. But she is not the only one. We could talk about the bride’s dress, make-up, hairstyle or shoes, all day long. But let’s talk today about the groom and his appearance. If women have a great number of options when it comes […]

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Wedding Dresses For 2nd Time Around

23 September 2014 0 Comments

The idea that you shouldn’t wear a white wedding dress for 2nd time around is a preconceived one. OK, it is known that white color is the color of purity and clarity and innocence, and being a 2nd, a 3rd time bride doesn’t confer you the same status that you have had at your first […]

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Unique Birthday Gifts For Men

18 May 2011 0 Comments

Birthdays are the occasions that are the most important for every person, men and women as well. When it comes to men, people think gift shopping is very simple, but trying to find the perfect gift for your friend, boyfriend, father or other manly figures ends up being hard and time consuming. When choosing the […]

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