Frosting Made Roses For Wedding Cakes

08 January 2016 0 Comments

Frosting basically means to be covered with a coating of frost, and “frost” represents a layer of  water vapor , layer that is formed due to the cooling of solid surfaces that stand below the dew point of the adjacent air. In the food industry frosting is often replaced by the word ‘icing’, denoting the […]

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Decorate Wedding Cakes

02 March 2015 0 Comments

Weddings are part of our lives that require time, money and a lot of commitment. If you don’t want to see your wedding event as a burden on your shoulder, you’d better consider to hire a wedding planner that can take all the work away and you will be left only with the feeling that […]

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Flowers In Wedding Cakes

01 April 2014 0 Comments

We can say about a cake that it is finished after we enhance its edible value by covering it with frosting, icing or toppings. And not only its edible value is enhanced but also the way it looks in the eyes of the people that are meant to eat it. There are so many processes […]

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Pictures of Jan Kish Wedding Cakes

27 December 2013 0 Comments

On the most special day of your life, everything has to be perfect, you selected designer wedding dress, designer bridal shoes now the wedding cake should be made by a famous artist and baker. The wedding cake is not just an ordinary cake, it needs to be the most beautiful cake you will have in […]

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Gatlinburg Wedding Cakes

14 July 2011 0 Comments

Gatlinburg is a famous tourist destination, it is a mountain resort at the border of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. If you dream of a mountain wedding then Galtinburg is the perfect destination. You will find many beautiful settings for a mountain wedding in Gatlinburg such as Ober Gatlinburg a ski resort and an amusement […]

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Mcminnville Tn Wedding Cakes

05 July 2011 0 Comments

Are you planning your wedding in McMinnville, Tennessee? The city offers a lot of possibilities for those who are planning their wedding here. You have a multitude of venues to choose from. You can have a traditional wedding, a modern wedding, an outdoor wedding in Rock Island State Park, or Court Square Park, or a […]

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Satellite Wedding Cakes

06 June 2011 1 Comment

The style and designs of wedding cakes developed over the centuries. The wedding cake is one of the oldest and well kept wedding tradition all over the world. The wedding cakes had different styles over the years, and now you can basically choose any style and design you want because the wedding cake industry developed […]

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Cakes Shaped Liked Wedding Rings

06 June 2011 0 Comments

What makes the difference between and ordinary cake, a birthday cake and a wedding cake its the decorations and the details. The wedding cake should be the most festive cake you will ever have in your life. The cake industry developed so much that almost every type of cake can be create, I said almost […]

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Basket Weave Wedding Cakes

06 June 2011 0 Comments

The wedding cake is one of the most important element for a successful wedding. All your guests will be waiting for the moment when the wedding cake will appear. They will be curious how your wedding cake will look like and if the cake will reflect the theme of your wedding. In the past few […]

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Renaissance Wedding Cakes

31 May 2011 0 Comments

The cake was part of weddings since ancient times. The wedding cake changed during the ages. If at first was more like a simple cake looking like a pie, later on the wedding cake reflected the status and wealth of the couple. In royal families the wedding cake became sophisticate especially during the Renaissance a […]

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Hawaiian Wedding Cakes

30 May 2011 0 Comments

A wedding in Hawaii can be the dream of every bride, exchanging the vows on an exotic beach is very romantic. Whether you are having your wedding in Hawaii, or you want to bring a Hawaiian atmosphere into your beach wedding, the wedding cake should reflect the theme of the wedding. For a Hawaiian theme […]

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Wedding Cake Pricing

11 May 2011 0 Comments

We all know how expensive a wedding can be. If you are not hiring a wedding planner to help you plan everything and keep you within your budget then you have to carefully select the things you want for your wedding calculating everything and be strict like an accountant. When planning your wedding you have […]

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Wedding Fall Cake Toppers

30 April 2011 0 Comments

A fall wedding can be special and romantic and a little bit more melancholic than a wedding in any other season, but very beautiful. The natures offer you a large source of inspiration in the autumn. Autumn weddings should be full of colors, the wedding decoration should be inspired by natural surroundings. In no other […]

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Wedding Cakes Windsor

01 April 2011 0 Comments

Windsor is the southernmost city in Canada and is located in Southwestern Ontario at the western end of the heavily populated Quebec City – Windsor Corridor. It is within Essex County, Ontario, although administratively separated from the county government. Windsor is across the Detroit River and south of Detroit, Michigan in the United States. If […]

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Rolled Fondant Wedding Cakes

18 March 2011 0 Comments

2010-2011 season brings to the fore a wide range of options for wedding organization, starting from simplistic invitations or on the contrary, extremely elaborated, to a decor that abounds with flowers in vivid hues, accessorized with crystals and gemstones. Clearly, those who have the final word to say in terms of the wedding theme are […]

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Safeway Wedding Cakes

10 March 2011 0 Comments

What’s new in 2011 for wedding cakes? Basically, the details are not much different from those we’ve already used in 2010. Because it tends increasingly toward eco, wedding cakes should also respect this rule. Thus, the flowers, fruits, all the decorative objects must be natural and to respect the wishes of the couple. Your perfect […]

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Famous Wedding Cakes

31 July 2009 0 Comments

Having a considerable budget for organizing your wedding you can think of your wedding elements to be ones of the most; the most gorgeous wedding dress, the most exquisite wedding rings, the most beautiful religious service, the greatest wedding flowers, the most famous wedding cakes and so on. The fact that you own a good […]

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French Wedding Cakes

22 July 2009 0 Comments

France, the country that hosts so many romantic places filled with history and artistic life, especially Paris that is the European capital of artists – painters, sculptors, musicians, fashion designers, everything that is related to art finds its way on Montmartre, the famous hill on which the popular cabaret Moulin Rouge was built gathering famous […]

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