Chicken Wedding Cake Toppers

28 March 2019 0 Comments

If you think of way how to surprise and amuse your guests with your wedding cake, than choose a funny wedding cake topper for example chicken wedding cake toppers. Funny wedding cake toppers are very popular is one of the details that can ‘’loosen up the atmosphere’’ and add a little bit of fun to […]

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Cheap Beach Theme Wedding Invitations

22 March 2019 0 Comments

The truth is that you have to think very well about the wedding invitations. These little cards are quite important in the context of your wedding day. How else would you announce your guests all about your wedding day? The cards have a double mission: to transmit the basic information referring to the persons involved, […]

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Le Grand Short Wedding Dresses

10 March 2019 1 Comment

For this article we thought that it would be interesting to present you these fun and casual Le Grand short wedding dresses that we found on the internet hopefully the models we picked for this discussion will be useful in one way or another for those of you who are planning a simple informal wedding. […]

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Sleek sexy bridal dresses

04 March 2019 1 Comment

Not all brides want the Angelique innocent look for the wedding day and these gorgeous sleek sexy bridal dresses posted below on this page are here to confirm this fact. Nowadays more and more contemporary brides are interested in finding a splendid wedding dress that combines all the qualities or the important features that any […]

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Farmer Wedding Cake Topper

16 February 2019 0 Comments

“Home” has a special significance, therefore, many couples choose to marry in their backyard. A wedding celebration in the courtyard can be personalized, special and can save you some money. These weddings tend to be a more casual affair, although they can have any desired theme of the couple. A wedding in the garden offers […]

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Farmer Groom Wedding Cake Topper

11 February 2019 0 Comments

'Old McDonald had a farm…''. Wouldn't be nice to get married at a farm, away from the big city stress, in the natural surroundings, without the formalities and conventions of city weddings? A farm wedding is more natural, more joyful, has a more relaxed atmosphere. The surroundings will be beautiful, the food will be natural […]

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Retro vibe wedding flower arrangements

07 February 2019 0 Comments

Brides who are planning an antique wedding might want to have a look at these splendid pictures of retro vibe wedding flower arrangements posted below in the article. We think that antique themed weddings look even more romantic, inspiring and charmingly dainty or stylish than the “regular” standard ones. But to be able to obtain […]

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Cream and Green Wedding Flowers

24 January 2019 1 Comment

In case you are thinking of planning a fabulous classy yet vibrant wedding we suggest you to take into consideration these wonderful examples of cream and green wedding flower arrangements posted on this page below. The theme one decides to choose for her wedding can have a big influence on the way the wedding guests […]

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Jenny Packham wedding dresses

23 January 2019 3 Comments

If you are in search of the perfect wedding dress that can fit your refined tastes perhaps you should stop here for a minute and enjoy gazing at these stunning Jenny Packham wedding dresses shown in the images below. We honestly think that Jenny Packham is a genius when it comes to creating such feminine, […]

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Designer Orchid Wedding Flower Arrangements

07 March 2014 0 Comments

These stunning orchid wedding flower centerpieces that we’re presenting here were created by Aileen Tran Event Stylist and we must confess that they did an excellent job with these arrangements. This company is actually an extension of Karen Tran Florals – which is the parent company, and they are among the most successful floral designers […]

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Coral Pink Wedding Bouquets

03 February 2014 0 Comments

Planning the wedding flowers and the color scheme for a wedding can be a very challenging and difficult thing to do especially for the selective and picky kind of bride who can’t make her decisions right away. We respect this need for investigating and examining closely more different types of arrangements, patterns and ideas of […]

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Elegant Wedding Cake Toppers

22 January 2014 0 Comments

Wondering how to choose your wedding colors so they match? Here’s a guide to help you create your color palette for a perfect wedding. Besides the dancing couple, there are a lot of important things that deserve special attention, such as wedding cake and the wedding cake topper, invitations and bridal dress. Years ago brides […]

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Orange Wedding Flower Bouquets

20 January 2014 0 Comments

Bright and vibrant as a sunny summer day, these orange flower wedding bouquets that we’re presenting here can make gorgeous selections or sources of inspiration for those who are planning a hot summer time wedding. Anyway, the orange theme can also fit the fall season weddings for instance, as well as any other type of […]

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Pale Blue Wedding Flowers

20 January 2014 2 Comments

Perhaps not all modern brides of today may feel ready to adopt a too vibrant and bold color scheme for their wedding but we know that there are many of you out there willing to choose something relatively different and unique when it comes to wedding themes. Well, for all of you who are prepared […]

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Desert Inspired Wedding Flower Arrangements

20 January 2014 0 Comments

This article is for those who are crazily in love enough to plan a fabulous wedding in the desert. These stunning floral arrangements that we’re presenting here were created exclusively for those who will decide to spend the wedding day in a more exotic and wild location. The deserts are surely not popular or usual […]

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Unique Cooking Gifts

15 January 2014 0 Comments

I’m not quite good at cooking but I know a lot of women that have a very strong passion for this. I’m sure you know some examples too. For some people, cooking is a very relaxing and interesting experience. They love to stay in the kitchen all day long and try different recipes, to experiment […]

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Pretty ruffle wedding dresses

12 January 2014 1 Comment

If you are planning a simple intimate yet chic and stylish wedding and you haven’t found yet the right wedding dress to wear perhaps you should take a look at these pretty ruffle wedding dresses shown in the photos below. Textured wedding dresses are highly in vogue at this moment and we are happy to […]

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2 Tiered Wedding Cakes In Hemet

08 January 2014 0 Comments

Are you planning your wedding in Hemet, California? Hemet is a great destination, you can have a wonderful indoor wedding here at one of the restaurants, or an outdoor wedding in one of the beautiful parks. If you are planning an outdoor wedding maybe in a park in Weston Park, Simpson Park, Mary Henley Park, […]

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