Square neckline wedding dresses

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Choosing the neckline of a wedding dress is a very important thing that you must consider when shopping for the wedding dress of your dreams. But once you get to enter into a bridal store with tens of wedding dress designs one can only focus on trying as many dresses as possible and simply convince herself of the most suitable one.

This is the way most brides “function”. They don’t go shopping with their homework done in order to know what types of wedding dresses are the most adequate for their figure and this is how they end up hunting down the shops, trying all the dresses that they have in store.

Each one of you has a different body shape and figure that requires a special type of wedding dress that can mould perfectly on the body. Each bride is unique and each wedding dress has a correspondent in real life. Although we recommend you to learn as much as possible about the type of your body in order to know what dress to look for, we also recommend you to go with the flow and see what styles and designs are new on the market and how each one of the, looks on you. If you don’t have the necessary time, energy and will to do that, you might want to read a few things about the wedding dresses in general.

A wedding dress is composed of three elements: the neckline, the skirt and the sleeves or the straps. As we said in the beginning of the article, choosing the neckline or the bodice for the dress is essential in the final aspect of the dress.

You can choose from various types of necklines: jewel, scoop, V-neck, bateau, Sabrina, spaghetti strap, Queen Ann, off the shoulders, sweetheart, one shoulder, portrait, halter, strapless, high or square. One of the most intriguing and yet simple type of neckline that can make you look more eye-catchy and unique, is the square neckline. This style works with most of the figures, especially for brides with more generous busts.

One can choose the cut of the square neck as deep as she wishes, without worrying that a too low cut can be too out of place or too exposing. In order to acknowledge more a square neckline wedding dress take a look at our photos and tell us what you think about this type of dress. Do you find it attractive or just simple, clean and more modest than appealing?

A square neckline wedding dress can be suitable for any type of wedding, from those held in the spring time to those booked for a winter day. One can also pick a square neckline wedding dress for a formal affair as well as for a casual one. In case you want to cover your shoulders and your arms some more, you can opt for a square neckline wedding dress with cap sleeves.

Square neckline wedding dresses with petal sleeves are also available on the market, looking incredibly sensual, feminine, delicate, refined and seductive. You can choose an empire waist square neckline wedding dress for a casual beach wedding event or you can go with a princess style ball gown square neckline wedding dress for a more dramatic and fanciful look.11

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  1. Alejandra

    March 25, 2011 at 2:03 pm

    I find the square neckline very beautiful and these dresses I think they are adorable. I don’t find them too simple, as for me simple is the best. But I think that the simplicity of a dress doesn’t come necessarily from the cuts and line, but also from fabrics and appliques used. A square neckline dress with appliques on the waist or around the neckline would not be simple, but very attractive. However, I like the cream dress from here, with the black belt. I just wish it were white and the belt made from a different fabric than the dress, but still white. I think this dress with the low neckline, with its tight line and fluidity at the bottom only is simply fabulous.


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