Spring Narcissus Wedding Flowers

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Brides who are planning their wedding on a beautiful spring season day are definitely the luckiest ones of all! And this is because the spring season is the best time of the year that can provide us with so many diverse and unique types of fresh natural flowers, one more beautiful and attractive than the other.

The wide range of choices in this filed is generous with every single type of bride and her own preferences or tastes in matters of flower arrangements, colors, shapes and perfumes. Well, this is another advantage that a spring time wedding offers to a bride, and that is the magical fresh smell of spring flowers and herbals. Almost all types of flowers available in this season are gifted with a stunning divine fragrance. What more can a bride wish for her wedding day than a colored, aromatic frilly and playful seasonal wedding flower bouquet and décor theme? In the following lines we are going to discuss about spring narcissus wedding flowers and hopefully the images that we attached to this article will be somehow helpful or at least inspiring for you.

We adore narcissus type of flower and we find it among the most suitable, romantic, enchanting and charming flowers to be used on a lovely wedding day in spring. In this same season you can also look for lilacs, lilies of the valley, cherry blossoms, Billy Balls, sweet peas, anemones, freesias or orchids, which can also look sublime when used in the correct colors, shapes and doses. In case you’re not satisfied with the way a simple narcissus flower arrangement looks like, you can always incorporate few additional stems of any type of flower listed above. However, we think that narcissuses look at their best when they are used alone in bridal bouquets and centerpieces, or when they are combined with sweet peas, marigolds, Billy Balls, irises or hyacinths in simple, loose and natural touch arrangements.

Nevertheless, it’s your wedding after all, and you are free to use these pretty flowers just the way you want. No one should stop you from obtaining the look and the wedding of your dreams! These are only suggestions that we thought you might like to read about and in the end see for yourself whether they are worth taken into account or not. Narcissuses are great because they can be found in a stunning impressive and cheerful yellow shade which can help the bride who is planning the wedding in the nature to obtain a more inviting, warm and casual vibrant atmosphere. Besides this, a yellow spring narcissus wedding flower bouquet can also bring more luminosity, brightness, happiness and glitter to the bride’s face. You can also find narcissuses in white blooms beautified with yellow or orange centers.

In case you are planning a white and yellow themed wedding you should definitely go with a bicolor type of spring narcissus wedding flower bouquet using these two marvelous nuances. The final effect is going to be simply remarkable, romantic and original. Browse for more pictures of spring narcissus wedding flower arrangement pictures and articles on our website.11


  1. Jessica

    March 03, 2011 at 12:17 am

    I love the purple and white bouquet on this page! Could you tell me white kind of flowers they are? My guess is paperwhites, grape hyacinths, and perhaps freesia (unsure of this one particularly). Thanks!


  2. Lara

    August 18, 2015 at 3:48 pm

    I love yellow for the wedding colors. It looks great on the grooms tie!


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