Songs for Jewish Wedding Ceremonies

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The Jewish wedding ceremonies are mostly and utterly religious. Back in the times of King David,  all religious ceremonies were performed accompanied by music. The Jewish music emerged in strict relation to religious events, thus when Psalms were composed, during the first temple, music was born, and by the time of the second temple, the psalms began to be enchanted and established themselves as a constant religious service. This musical service is conducted by the Cantor, also known as Hazzan, a musical leader to lead the congregation with prayers in songs.

Music is a central part in the Jewish religious experience and its inheritance was carried by Jewish people wherever they traveled. Music generally tells a story or accompanies specific moments in a story, thus making it more memorable to the soul and mind. It is the music that connects Jewish life both in the synagogue (it helps learning the prayers), schools  (a way to teach children to memorize easier things that belong to education) and home (chant blessings with a tune that defines  certain religious holidays).

songs-for-jewish-wedding-ceremoniesMusic represents a way of celebrating the cycle of Jewish life: birth, naming a baby, circumcision, and of course, weddings. Processional wedding music is the echo of the music that accompanied the Queen as she entered and thus the tone for the romantic, joyous celebration was set. According to Jewish tradition, processional wedding music is divided in two parts: the first part used for the family members and the wedding party and it is performed as the bride walks along the aisle. Then the second part of the processional wedding music is when the groom accompanied by his parents waits for the bride to come and when he hears the jubilation playing, he turns to see the woman of his life coming toward him. These tunes are actually the specific songs for Jewish wedding ceremonies, and they express mostly songs for God, since God made all the things happen, made the love of the couple to come into their souls and thus gathering them together under the vows of a holy matrimony.

Often,  if not always the songs for Jewish wedding ceremonies come with the Jewish dances, such as: Hora (with the introduction of the famous “Hava Nagila”), Mezinke Tanz (Krenzel).  Some songs titles are given next as a guide for the wedding couple, trying to give them a possibility to have several choices, therefore the perfect ones to reflect their state of mind in the day of their wedding ceremony: “Entranced By the Flames”, “Tov Lehodos”, “Chassidim Standing Tall”, “I stand”, “Hineini”, these songs having unknown author and “70 Faces” – this last one performed by Blue Fringe.

Jewish music started as a result of the Jewish spiritual life, of the communion with God in soul and mind, followed by specific religious songs; it was meant mainly to help Jewish people memorize the Psalms or the dates of different religious holidays, but due to the tradition carried in time by generations, Jewish music started to represent in fact a way of Jewish life.11

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