Solar Powered Unique Gifts

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So you need to buy a present for an ecologist. Because you know the person is really living an eco-life, one of the most suitable gifts is a solar power gift. Anyway solar power gifts can be bought for anyone, as they are eco-friendly, economic and unique. Solar powered gifts are energy-based gifts. You have lots of options to use the never-ending energy of the sun for a fun, unique gift.

Solar powered lamps are a great alternative to normal lamps. Economic and useful, they happen to have nice designs too. For something a bit different, check out the lamp sculpture called Solar Motion Ferris Wheel. What is it? A kinetic toy that has a lamp attached and gets its energy from either the sun or the lamp. That’s a smart gift for anyone. You could also find the Airplane Ride Lamp Sculpture, that’s a different model of the same product.

Solar Powered Unique Gifts

Airoplane Ride Motion Sculpture Lamp from

The sun jar is ideal for gardens. After keeping it under the sun’s light a few horse, it will naturally glow when the sun goes down. That’s a really inspired gift, it seems it catches the sun and keeps it inside a jar. Just like in fairy tales. If you want something else for the garden, get the solar garden arches that flash or provide steady light. Spectacular, isn’t it? A sleeping fairy solar light brings something magic to her garden. I’d like to mention here the solar powered lanterns, which are useful gifts. A solar power charger for the mobile phone is also a high-utility gift. Or as an alternative, hand a solar charger for the laptop. No more changing his charger every few months.

He will love to play with the solar powered bullet train toy. And you can add a super solar racing car, as both items are pretty cheap. And because they have potentially infinite energy, he can organize races, especially on sunny days. Or you could buy him the solar motorcycle kit. If you usually buy flowers for her birthday, this time get her a special dancing flower. What could be more graceful? The solar dancing flower becomes so cheerful when the sun shines, that begins dancing. It just needs to be put in the window for the sunlight to reach it. If you give her a solar dancing flower, give her a reason to dance too. A solar powered radio could be the solution to that.

Solar Powered Unique Gifts

Solar Powered Radio from

Are you buying a gift for a person that works a lot with numbers? Ease that person’s job with the Solar Power Calculator with the design of a credit card. Small and useful, it fits any pocket. You could even replace his or her old clock with a solar powered clock. Or get a solar wristwatch instead, that’s original, unique and eco-friendly, of course.

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