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Simplicity is a virtue; Aquinas once stated that if a thing can be done by a single mean, then using several means would be futile. And the best example to prove it is the nature’s denial of employing two instruments when only one is enough. This is how you come to realize in the planning of your wedding that using a single card to let your guests know about the upcoming important event that will take place in your life not later than four months. And yet there are a lot of things to do, though your main concern now is to get involved in the creation of your simple wedding invitations and because you have some ideas, simple but efficient, you venture yourself in the search of the way to have these wedding cards done with not too much expense on your behalf.

Before coming with the idea of venturing in the art of self-creating the wedding invitations, you have looked for some samples of such unique and simple wedding invitations which you have indeed found both in your local stationery and online browsing. But this item as simple as it has proven to be in most of the web pages found, cost money, and your plan has been right from the beginning of your planning to cut some costs, actually whenever is possible. With the purchasing of these cards you consider that it is the case of saving some money if you simply throw yourself and your power of imagination into the creation of such cards.

As you have in mind the simplicity being a virtue, you come to the conclusion that a simple card would suffice to announce your guests about your wedding celebration. You know very well that the message of a wedding taking place is accompanied by an RSVP card, but adding this RSVP at the end of the page is more than enough to let your guests know about their reply meant to be sent back at one of your e-mail addresses or simply by calling one of your cell phones.

And besides, as long as you are equipped with a home computer, a printer which is ink-jetted and the resolution of the printing is of a high performance, you really see why not give it a try. After all it will end up being your own wedding invitation, having your own concept of design and style, and what can be more rewarding than that? You want to include in the wording of your card a quote about pearls, since you want to have a white pearly wedding, knowing that pearls stand for the symbol of innocence and purity, the same symbols that accompany the aspect of a bride wearing a white wedding gown and a delicate pearl necklace as an elegant, yet simple accessory.

Thus your search begins; pages of online instructions are run over, some of them even thoroughly read, for in the end to be given the necessary information in DIY wedding cards which will present a small cream silk bow with a pearl in the middle, while the wording will contain, besides the wedding details, a quote about pearls.

This quote says that the most beautiful days of our lives are the ones that bring simple pleasures, one of these being your wedding day on which occasion you are more than pleased to have X and Y as guests to share this celebration with. What can be more simple than that?11

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