Shower Of Flowers In Wedding

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What other element coming from nature can be more admired and more exposed at a wedding if not the flowers? Flowers or plants, generally speaking, were used in weddings since the notion of wedding itself appeared. This was and still is a way of exhibiting love and good wishes to everyone. In time the use of flowers took different shapes starting from being crowns for the bride to wear to garlands, bridal bouquets till reaching the most interesting forms of wedding decorations.

Each floral form represented at the beginning a symbol for different wishes or gifts, flowers themselves were carrying their own meaning both in their names and their colors. For example the garland meant love and happiness or dill, which is a herb, had the symbol of lust, or sage which was known to be a herb for wisdom. In time, the herbs lost their symbolism and use for the shower of flowers in weddings, but flowers kept their presence exposing freshness and joy in a diversity of decorative motifs.

shower-of-flowers-in-weddingThe positioning of flowers often meant something both for the wedding couple and for the guests as well. For instance rosemary and roses tied together in knots were suspended over the heads of bride and groom, this meant to bring good luck and lots of love to the wedding couple and the guests as well. Tiny flowers placed beside every plate and left for the guests was said to ensure them long lives and happiness.

With every country the history of flowers and their part in weddings differ according to every country’s cultural background and tradition. In Romania, the godfathers and godmothers of the wedding couple are supposed to hold candles with flowers and ribbons tied to them. In England a little girl should go in front of the bride and spread flower blossoms along the path, symbolizing the wish for the couple to have happiness and prosperity. In India, at the end of the wedding ceremony the brother of the groom scatters flower petals over the newly-wed couple to protect them from evil spirits.

Depending on the theme of the wedding there are many possibilities to enrich a party choosing from a plenitude of shower of flowers in wedding that can be found on different sites proposing ideas for floral decorations as well as for bridal bouquets and flowers for setting the tables. The kind of flowers to be chosen has to match the theme and the personality of the wedding couple.

But no matter how one plans a wedding, the presence of flowers is more than compulsory, as their richness in color and freshness confers the party the desirable effect that a wedding is meant to express. Even if this freshness of the flowers is considered not to last for ever, the memory of the beautiful flowers decorating the wedding never dies.

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