Restoration Era Romance Wedding Gowns

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We may think that living in the era of modern technology, with a pragmatic way to look at things, everything that belongs to our spiritual side is somehow forsaken, or at least it isn’t granted its everyday existence, which, by the way, is present, whether we mind it or not! But as much as we let ourselves carried by daily routine with its ineluctable material concerns, there are moments that we cross in our lives that require our sensitivity and desire to find beauty. One of these moments is the wedding time! It is then when we feel more than ever the impulse to be different, out of ordinary, special.

Once the marriage is settled we indulge ourselves with dreams about our wedding gowns, and problems start rising: what dress should I wear, a classic style, a modernistic one, a retro style, and so on.  The trends in fashion change so quickly that sometimes you think if it won’t be better to bring out the grace of eras that are long gone. A romance era wedding gown can be an option to consider, either it is from a current fashion design house or purchased from the restoration of romantic era wedding gowns workshops. The later has the advantage that can create from an old authentic wedding dress a brand new one tuned into a fairytale gown, with spectacular headpieces and flowing train from ages past. Elements of romantic era gowns, such as Victorian collars, Renaissance bodies, Elizabethan waistlines, are so exquisitely restored that one can swear that the bride is not descending from that Romantic Era that the gown belongs to.

restoration-era-romance-wedding-gownsThe Victorian style defines the best the Romantic Era and if you are an enthusiastic of this historic period you just let yourself float on the wings of dreaming for a fairytale dress and let the couture service do the work! The majesty of the Romantic Era dresses was due to the crinoline used as an underskirt to push out the skirt hem width in an architectural way, making them look like a bell, especially during the Victorian Era.

The vintage reproduction gown is also another option; a wedding dress of 20 years old is less expensive than an antique dress from the Victorian era and it can be submitted to the restoration of romantic era wedding gown couture service that will be able to incorporate the same stylistic elements creating the same effect that a Romantic Era gown does.

Victorian era displays maybe the most popular styles of historical bridal fashion, for it featured so many elements that could bear changes or additional fabric to enrich the style. On those times the bridal gown had a fitted bodice, small waist, and rich skirts, the commonly met fabrics being: organdy, tulle, lace, silk, cashmere or linen. The veil, another element that gives a plus of mystery and refinement, was made from fine gauze, lace or sheer cotton.

Restoring Romantic era wedding gowns is an act of artistry, especially if the couturiere is playing with her creativity and adds a touch of sensitivity with extra silky elements to make a stunning wedding dress compared to that of a princess.11

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