Renaissance Wedding Gowns

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What can be more relevant for a wedding theme than the one of Renaissance? The name just says it all! “Renaissance”(which is the French for ‘rebirth’) theme selected for the wedding can lead you to think of a reborn of your being into the one that you and your manĀ  now through the vows of marriage are forming. It is the rebirth of your spirit into a new one, the one that you as a couple have got throughout the blessing of a holy matrimony.

Renaissance as an historic moment took place for the first time in Italy, and it came as a result of a nostalgic interest for the classical age. This is the era of Michelangelo, of Leonardo da Vinci, of a spirituality that related to the ancient Greece, to its great philosophers and poets.

rennasiance-wedding-gownsMany couples nowadays look for having their wedding celebration in an original way, and for this many choose the Renaissance theme, since it offers to them on one hand the spiritual meaning of the word itself and on the other hand the possibility to display their wedding in a note of romance that defines what the spirit of wedding stands for. The locations for such weddings are preferred to be chosen in the ambiance of a stone castle, or a Tudor style residence.

The types of the wedding gowns can differ form the simple appearance of a peasant attire to a sophisticated, royal appearance of a queen. The Renaissance wedding gowns offer themselves in a variety of choices on the websites, so it can not be so hard to decide on them. The only thing one has to bear in mind is that not all Renaissance attire is cozy to wear, some in fact being quite restricting. The designs offered by different couture services are meticulously constructed, with handcrafted accessories that evoke the majestic style, elegance radiating the essence of the bride’s soul.

During the Renaissance times, the wedding gowns were meant to be worn on several occasions, not only once as it happens in our modern times. Colors were chosen in the way to flatter the bride, or as a ‘compliment’ to the house color that belonged to a noble groom. The white wedding dress was not at all popular at that time till Queen Victoria had chosen a white gown for her own wedding dress. But to give you an idea of the style of Renaissance gowns, you can think back at the times of King Arthur or those of Romeo and Juliet and you will realize that indeed white wasn’t the color for the wedding dress.

Nowadays the design of the Renaissance wedding gowns is applied on the white wedding dress, while the elements keep being the same: an under dress and an over drape; the dress has a bodice beaded with very detailed motifs, the sleeves have loose fabric in a shape of a cone, that makes them look like wings – all these show the look of a princess or a character came off the atmosphere of a fairy tale. These designs assure the bride to appear on her wedding day wrapped in the perfume of romance and royal elegance as well.11

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