Purple tulip wedding bouquets

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If you are a tulip lover and you wish to plan a magnificent natural and yet whimsical hot and trendy tulip wedding bouquet we advise you to opt for a more sensual and unique color for the tulips, such as purple. Tulip wedding flowers are often incorporated in bridal bouquet in all kinds of warm colors such as red, yellow, pink, white or orange. But how often can one see purple tulip wedding flowers incorporated in a wedding bouquet?

Wouldn’t this single reason be enough for you to consider this type of bouquet for your own wedding? We all know how much the modern bride is interested in everything that is unique and rarely used in weddings and that is why we think that a purple tulip wedding bouquet might save you the day.

Purple wedding bouquets, as well as purple wedding cakes and dresses are in big vogue this year. The purple color stands for mysticism, magic, sensuality femininity, softness, refinement, sweetness, introspection, meditation, truth, creativity, boldness, energy, flame, mystery, innovation, courage, seduction, uniqueness, power and faith.

Choosing to go with a purple tulip wedding bouquet might be, in this context where the purple is such a significant unique color and the tulips are famous for their fragility, femininity, delicacy and grace, more than an inspired choice. A purple tulip wedding bouquet can make wonders on a winter glacial day, where the purple color can lift up the atmosphere and bring more vibrancy, life, joy, enchant, charm, elegance, warmth and pleasure or sweetness.

A purple tulip wedding bouquet can also make the perfect bridal accessory for an autumn wedding. One can combine orange and purple tulips in a single wedding bouquet and obtain a more seasonal and themed vibrant fall wedding bouquet. One can also choose to go with a splendid purple tulip wedding bouquet on a summer exotic wedding day spent on a tropical island or beach.

You should not worry about finding tulips, because they are available all year round, and always at great affordable prices. Tulips can be combined with roses, stephanotis, peonies, ranunculus, calla lilies, hydrangeas, plumerias, hibiscus, anemones, irises, orchids, gladiolas or narcissus, for a more abundant and rich complete look.

Depending on the formality of the wedding, on the location and season of the event, brides can choose from different styles of wedding bouquets and shapes. For example, if the wedding is rather more dramatic and extravagantly formal than simple, casual and natural, then you can opt for a cascading purple tulip wedding bouquet. Otherwise, a hand tied purple tulip wedding bouquet featuring a nosegay or a posy round shape might be more suitable and adequate for a simple, intimate, small or chic casual wedding.11

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