Posy lilies of the valley wedding bouquets

Wedding Decorations | August 23 2010 | by Jenny | 3 Comments

Are you planning a casual yet dainty, stylish, chic and charming natural wedding? Then you must definitely look at these pictures with posy lilies of the valley wedding bouquets and tell us whether they can fit or not your personal style and the formality or the character of your wedding.

When planning an informal modern wedding, the happy excited bride should not cross the line and overshadow the natural beauty of the flowers and compose a voluminous whimsical complex wedding bouquet. It’s time to go natural, loose, chic, simple and refined for a modern wedding day!

Don’t waste time composing a detailed elaborated wedding flower bouquet for an intimate casual outdoors wedding because you will only encounter problems and difficulties in carrying the bouquet during the wedding ceremonies. Why go heavy, uninspired and tight when there are so many ways to create a striking simplistic, coquette, soft and smooth easy-going wedding bouquet that can emphasize even more the naturalness and the innocence of your bridal look!

We propose you to try going with a posy style wedding bouquet composed of lilies of the valley as sweet natural charming flowers. As you can observe from these images, the lilies of the valley look incredibly gorgeous, feminine, flirty and dainty when set in simple round hand tied arrangements.

The bride can carry the posy lilies of the valley wedding bouquet with the minimum effort and feel totally comfortable and still practical while walking down the aisle. She won’t even feel that she’s carrying something in her hands. Lilies of the valley are extraordinary types of flowers that can make any romantic natural bride happy and thrilled with her choice.

These mesmerizing flowers are pretty inspired and magical because their divine courtly fragrance can simply make a bride faint with pleasure and excitement during the ceremonies. Small, light weight, pretty, romantic, elegant and stylish, lilies of the valley can complete perfectly the natural pure look of a modern bride.

You can use only lilies of the valley and compose a more realistic and gallant natural touch posy wedding bouquet, or you can still use some leaves to contour the flowers and to provide them with a more attractive unique look.

The bouquet can be tied with a rustic simple rope or a string, but the bride can also beautify the arrangement by wrapping the stems with a beaded taffeta material, with a silk coordinated ribbon or with any other type of fancy wrapping that can make the bridal bouquet look more glamorous, dazzling, extravagant, simply sophisticated and exquisite.

For brides who are planning a fashionable all-white wedding, a charming posy white lilies of the valley wedding bouquet can appear like a very inspired, classy choice.11