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The Renaissance bridal customs have their origin in the Middle Ages. As the foreign trade increased it brought new ideas in fashion and costumes as well. This aspect reflected the advancing culture while more clothing materials became available. Some of the fabrics bore the print of the nobility since only the upper classes reserved silk, velvet, brocade for themselves. Nobility were the ones to dress themselves in elaborate and brightly colored robes, gowns and other vestments. If you need some reliable tips on buying a beautiful wedding dress without spending a fortune, check out our complete wedding planning course that will even teach you how to save money.

The nowadays fashion designers have borrowed the style of the Renaissance costumes in order to revive the spirit of richness, elegance and creativity. The pictures of Renaissance wedding dresses can prove it. There is this thing that kept the spirit of dressing still present, that people wear their finest clothing to a wedding.

pictures-of-renaissance-wedding-dressesThe Gothic Victorian gowns give the designers the possibility to alternate colors, fabrics and embroideries with the most audacious ideas. ┬áThere is a variety of colored fabrics that one can order a renaissance wedding dress to be specially created: baby-blue, burgundy satin, gold rose brocade, emerald green satin, ivory satin, hot pink satin…

The Elizabethan Royal wedding dress is another example of elegance conferred by the linen under dress and a rich brocade robe. The stand-up collar shows the look of a truly royal outfit.

What gives uniqueness to the cut of these gowns is the technique of “slashing” as it is to be seen in the pictures of renaissance wedding dresses. At the beginning it was merely a way of the lower classes to express their displeasure against the nobility decreeing that these classes should wear only one color gown. So the lower classes put two layer of different colored fabric and slashed the outer layer to let the inner layer’s contrasting color show through. These cuts started first as geometric shapes in the sleeves and skirts, but later in time they advanced to long vertical slits with the inner fabric pulled out -for the sleeves- or the outer fabric sewn back towards the sides -for the skirts.

The fact that this renaissance style gives a vast range of creative possibilities determines the designers to approach it with the endless potentials of imagination.11


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