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Neil Diamond is known to be one of the most successful pop music singer and songwriter. David Wilde, a critic in the music and television industries, defined the themes of Diamond’s songs as having “a deep sense of isolation and an equal desire for connection…” and that through his lyrics he described “the good, the bad and the ugly about a crazy little thing called love”.

Neil Diamond music and lyrics go deep into the human relationships, the effect love has upon lonely people, and his ballads dedicated to love are mostly among the preferences of the wedding couple’s choices for their wedding music. There are so many songs in Neil Diamond’s repertoire that meet the love that bonds the young couple together that it would take pages to enumerate.

neil-diamond-wedding-songs“All I really need is you” a song to begin with from all the Neil Diamond wedding songs is a song dedicated to the beloved one seen as the only righteous person to spend the life next to. After the moments of doubt, of tears, of insecurity that ┬álove offers, the only thing that in the end gives stability and serenity is the presence of the beloved one.

“Common ground” is a song about sharing the moments of love in two, each carrying the responsibility of being in love, of living their life together in a harmony that only peace of mind can give. The couples are only of a human condition, they can often make mistakes, but together they have to tread on a common ground guided by love, by caring and by the wisdom that they gain in time. For all of these there always must be time, because they need to make the things work between themselves otherwise love would be swallowed in the night of the endless questions without answers. Only together they can work it out!

“Marry me” – a song of a marriage proposal where the love for the beloved one is promised for the rest of the life, the confidence that being in love gives you, makes you share the vows of everlasting love and commitment to this love from the bottom of the heart. All one needs to hear is that the beloved one accepts the proposal and from that moment on nothing will go wrong, the love will be there to protect them and guide them through the darkest moments of the life.

“Matter of love” – love has the power to carry two souls in the realms of beauty, of trust, of spiritual connection of one to another, a connection that brings the magic in the air, as the feeling of love makes one raise above the earthly things and let himself float on the wings of bliss.

The lyrics in Neil Diamond wedding songs are very descriptive confering the effect that a wedding couple expects in order to show their love to the ones that witness the happiest event of their life.11

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