Lighted Wedding Cakes

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You do not know how to make a wedding cake just because you need talent, experience, skill, and other more. Good thing there are companies dealing with this aspect of your wedding (or any other anniversary). Every bride wants her wedding cake to be more beautiful, bigger, great … best at. Sometimes, excessive zeal can have a result like nothing you have ever expected. Some have done it and good luck with the images that we see their work. Do not discuss the claims and tastes.

Light is the ascension symbol and represents the ascending path, salvation and divine happiness, is a matrix of the world and the connection between the individual and her astral self , aura, flames, reflected light, lightning and stars that descend accompanying the imagine of gods, saints, ecstasy or mystical revelations. From the Christian perspective, light is a sign of divinity and of the beginning. Choosing a lighted wedding cake will be an original idea that maybe your guests will not expect at. Light is one of the primary components of works of visual art, regardless of gender, area, material and style that are designed and manufactured.

Symbols of light, candles or torches are present in many rituals and focus the symbolism of fire, flame, smoke and air. The candle associated matter and spirit. Wax that burns and destroys the flame which rises express the Christian viewpoint, the dual nature of Jesus Christ: human and divine. Associated to prayer, candles accompanying the vertical movement of flame rising out request or desire. Manifestation of desire, a prayer, a request, the candle is lit extension. The flame focus all energies, it is the soul of fire. I can not imagine my wedding cake to look ordinary, like one from a certain birthday. I would like to have at least three tiers and a great texture to match the theme of the ceremony. I do not say it has to have a taste divine and to be more special, the wedding cake must be lighted. Since I not found exactly the combination of special ingredients for the lighted wedding cake, but this morning I received an e-mail with some photos absolute magnific with some royal wedding cakes. I could not believe what I saw and how many wonderful things some people are capable to do.

A candle burning is significant in many religions and cultures as a symbol of light, life and spirituality, but has a particular importance in Christianity where symbolizes the Divine Light of Christ and the faith itself. It is much used in Christian liturgy, rites. Candles lit by the believers before the altars may symbolize the souls of the departed or the lighting application of the one that asks. In antiquity, the custom of wearing light before major characters in order to light the way was a badge of honor.

One of our favorite ways to customize a wedding is by writing your vows. After all the promises that you make to your loved is why is there a wedding day. That being said, not all churches allow the couples to utter his own vows. If you can not write your promises to make you canĀ  think about this in the wedding program. You could write something together and then print the words (be it vows, a favorite poem, a quote or a personal joke) on programs. To give a touch of personality to this special day include traditional elements in your family or home town, into your lighted wedding cake and in your wedding day.11

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