Japanese Wedding Songs

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Weddings are huge and important events in the life of a new-formed family. If you make a research concerning wedding traditions and rituals all over the world you will discover rich cultures with a lot of amazing, surprising and unique things.

Like all other Asian cultures, Japan also has a rich heritage and background. Japanese customs are divided into two main categories: traditional Shinto ceremonies and modern Western-style ceremonies. In both cases, the couple must first be legally married with marriage documents at their local government office. For the wedding ceremony to be held, the bride and the groom need official documentation.

Before getting married there are two types of mate selection that may occur with future spouses: the first is called miai also known as an arranged marriage and the second is called ren ai, or a love match. The Japanese future bride can be painted pure white from her head to her toe. This is a way to declare her maiden status to the gods.

In Japanese culture, there are also two choices of headgear. One is the watabōshi, which is a white hood. The other one is called the tsunokakushi and is meant to hide the bride’s horns of jealousy. Tsunokakushi also symbolizes the bride’s intention of becoming a gentle and obedient wife. The Japanese bride is called shinpu and the groom is called shinro.

Traditional Japanese wedding customs also called shinzen shiki are involving an elaborate ceremony held at a Shinto shrine. Japanese weddings are increasingly extravagant events with a lot of important details placed into thought. In some cases, younger and modern generations choose to skip the formal ways by planning a “no host party” for a wedding. In this case, the wedding guests consist mainly of the couple’s friends who pay an attendance fee as a financial gift for the newlyweds.

The Japanese wedding ceremony is celebrated with traditional Japanese music while the Japanese wedding reception is celebrated like a banquet, with live music and a lot of entertainment. Here are some Japanese wedding songs for you to consider if planning a Japanese-themed wedding:

Imo se o chi giru

This is an essential wedding song for Japanese Western Wedding Ceremonies. The English title is “When there’s love at home”. The piano and vocal are provided by J H McNaughton and Bernard Kirkpatrick.
Kon-In No Uta

This is one of the most beautiful Japanese songs that can be found in the Rudolf Dittrich’s 1894 collection of arrangements. The lovely song is a delightful piece of example of the late-nineteenth-century Viennese song setting technique.

Other reccommended love songs are:

One Love by Arashi

Towa ni Tomo ni by Kobukuro

Can You Celebrate by Amuro Namie

Trust You by Itou Yuna

Gravity by Sakamoto Maaya

First Love by Utada Hikaru
Yubiwa by Sakamoto Maaya
Deep River by Utada Hikaru
Dareka no Negai ga Kanau Koro by Utada Hikaru
A Song For You by Crystal Kay
Kimi ga Itakara by The Yellow Generation Band
Blasa by Yae

These are just some popular Japanese love songs. The list is longer so make sure to surf the Internet!11

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