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The traditional Japanese weddings involve many ceremonies and traditions that are still kept alive around Japan. Although in modern Japan many of these are now disappearing, there are many young women that prefer to wear the most gorgeous wedding kimono called Uchikake. The kimono as a clothing item goes back in time at the beginning of 8th century and has changed since then as it became a reflection of the society and culture as well. If you need some reliable tips on buying a beautiful wedding dress without spending a fortune, check out our complete wedding planning course that will even teach you how to save money.

As many other Western clothes, kimonos are worn to compliment the seasons and their texture and colors are worn based off a persons age or by the event. At the beginning the textile for kimonos – consisting mostly in silk and brocade – came from China and Korea, but later on the Japanese started to produce their own and manage to develop it to a level rarely seen elsewhere.

The Japanese wedding dress, the Uchikake kimono, is made of silk and silk brocade. Rich in fine embroidered patterns and embellished with flowers, pines or nature motifs, this kimono is presented also in many different colors either it comes to weddings or social and cultural events.

The bride’s hair style is adorned with golden combs and accessories called kanzashi.

There is also the white wedding hood worn by the bride its purpose being the one to hide two front horns worn during the wedding ceremony to symbolize obedience.The kimonos have a specific length adjusted to hang just at the ankle showing one of the two basic types of Japanese sandals or Japanese shoes called the geta and the zori. Lately the Japanese manufacturers produce sandals, purses and hair combs to match the exact pattern of the kimono thus completing the ensemble.

Lots of accessories and embellishments that are part of Japanese wedding dresses carry with them the symbolic print of a good luck charm.There are two characteristics that define the formal Japanese clothing: very elaborate designs or simple elegant designs. Out of the later, European fashion designers have created stylish wedding dressesĀ  made in fabric silk satin and lace bearing a note of distinction, elegance and subtlety.11

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  1. kidu'

    April 01, 2011 at 2:20 pm

    NIce article. I enjoyed reading it and finding out at least this much about Japanese wedding dresses. I think I would love to have a very elaborate wedding dress in Japanese style. And silk it would be perfect for me as well. I’ll have to look for more dresses online; I’m sorry you have no more wedding dresses in this style posted here. BUt what made me think I want the same is the info about the accessories. I mean, to match the hair combs with the other accessories and the pattern of the dress… It must be beautiful, especially if the dresses are colored. Well, I really want to do the same. I will do the same, too.


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