Japanese Wedding Cakes

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One of the important event of a wedding is not include the bride or the groom. It include the baker who make the wedding cake.
In every wedding scenario is the ritual of cake cutting. In this ritual the bride and the broom are cutting the cake as a first joint action of the new family and honor the participants in the event.

Japan have a unique style to combine the traditional Japanese elements with modern Occidental trends.Even if the wedding cake is a Western and European tradition, the Japanese have incorporated in their weddings and have done it with a great style. They get the cake cutting ceremony too. But is typical to Japan to amazes in all the ways possible, in all the things that Japanese do, and why would we be not amaze, I mean did you see those cakes?!. The Japanese bakers are not doing cakes, they are doing art works.They are like Leonardo da Vince, in the kitchen.

Usually a Japanese wedding cake have 3 or 4 tiered and the composition of the cake is traditionally, made from butter cream or sugar paste. Until now nothing is different from a Western cake. But when it comes to frosting and decorations . . . here it comes the hard part. With all of this , they make everything look easy.

The every cake is unique and it has a bit of magic inside, otherwise I can not explain the perfection with which they are created. That perfection that is make you think that they are made out of plastic  or the photos is made out in Photo Shop or the cake is just a wallpaper.

But just for the image, sometimes the cake is replace with replicas made out of plastic or Styrofoam that are rented just for the photo shooting at the cake cutting ceremony. The real cake is very expensive and if you rent one made out of plastic you can still serve your guests with slice of another cake or mini cakes. The wedding vendors had made a business of rented fake wedding cakes. The business is so good set that they develop the wedding cakes and made them so real that you can not tell if a cake is fake or real, just from the photos. Cakes are so realistic that you can even cut in them, some of it have a real piece of cake in the area where the bride and the groom cut it.

The Japanese wedding cakes don’t have any similarity whit classic western cakes, the Japanese put more accent on details and that is why they are so expensive and wanted. If you have a cake “made in Japan”you can consider yourself a lucky person.My opinion is that soon will appear a new tradition in terms of cakes, is sense that the cake is more “Japanese”, so expensive, the bride and the groom will have a richer life, both signification, in terms of finances, but also in terms of spiritual wealth, the health, they will be bless with beautiful and strong children and love between two will be stronger and forever. I repeat: this is only my opinion and only mine and should not be taken seriously. But if someone want to listen to what I said and to begin the tradition and is anyone will be just as crazy as I am to respect that tradition, do not forget that I want a slice of that Japanese cake!

Now, back to our subject, it is a few style of the perfects Japanese wedding cakes like:

A very funny style, that at the first look it is simple, but actually is quite complicated. For example this 3-tier cake that looks like is actually a flower vase because of thousands of highly realistic flower. But still keep something classic, the bride and the groom on the top of the cake are as simple as funny. This cake was try combine a symbol of wedding with a happy desert and it worked.

The next one is the cake from the wedding of Scarlett and Dan. It is a Verla Green in California in 1997. The bride wanted some kind of Tea Garden in the Japanese style. It is made by two sides, on one of it s a traditional garden and cherry tree and on the other side is a pond and some cherry trees in bloom. The bride and groom dolls are dress up in traditional Japan’s wedding kimonos. This cake has even a small waterfall.

You should not choose your cake by the price or after you think that the guests would like. You should no choose it even by the taste, you should choose it by how well it represent you and your relation. The cake symbolizes the first step of the bride and the groom will do together in the new journey, so must be something that you remember with love and that you know that the cake was really match with your personality. It really should be a cake in that was put all of the skills of a cook to create a work art. You will need a Japanese one!

In conclusion the Japanese wedding cakes are the best on the market. The sad side to this type of cakes is that the when cut and eat a beautiful and spectacular thing like this, you will feel remotes because you destroyed something so well done . It is like you have eaten the Da Vince’s Mona Lisa. Japanese cakes should be included in an another art, besides the culinary art, they should be included in the field of fine arts and sculpture.11

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