Illuminated Wedding Cakes

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The arrival of the wedding cake is a key moment at any reception. The lights gets off and everything is waiting to see the wedding cake, it is special moment, the most awaited moment in every wedding reception. Some couple something special for this moment, a special song, fireworks or an illuminated wedding cake that will spark in the dark. Everyone wants a sophisticated cake for their wedding, it is one if those moments that will never been forgotten. Today the wedding cake is a masterpiece, all kinds of decorations are available to make your wedding cake look amazing. Nothing is too extravagant or sophisticate for a wedding cake.

You can create a dramatic effect by selecting an illuminated wedding cake, you can decorate the cake with little fountains, stairs or anything you want, to make the cake moment more memorable.

Such a sophisticate cake is perfect for big fancy receptions.

 Illuminated Wedding Cakes (Source:

Illuminated Wedding Cakes (Source:

When the lights will go off the illuminated cake will be the center of attention. How you create this special effect? There are all kinds of instruments that will illuminate your wedding cake. Order a wedding cake with many layers and place on each layer lights, or you can choose a sophisticate satellite style with fountains and stairs. On fountains you can place lights.

 Illuminated Wedding Cakes (Source:

Illuminated Wedding Cakes (Source:

You can order the illuminated wedding cake from a bakery, or you can order a simple cake and then place the lights. There are many ways of decorating the cake with iridescent beads, on the top layer, in the central on each layer, around the cake under the fountain and stairs if you choose a sophisticate cake. You can choose an illuminated arch around the cake. Choose the style you like. You can also decorate your wedding cake with colorful lights, blue, red, purple, green, yellow. You can place different colorful lights on the cake. The wedding cake will be the central focus when the lights will go off at your reception.


There are many bakeries that offer illuminated wedding cakes. Such a bakery is sugar & spice bakery. From their portfolio you can choose the illuminated style you want for your wedding cake, the designs and decorations you want. They have many styles you can choose from. From many other websites you can select the illuminated style you want for your wedding cake. Make from the cake arrival a memorable event. The illuminated system on your wedding cake can be complicated so let a professional take care of this aspect. Of course an illuminated wedding cake will cost more than a regular wedding cake, but the effect will be worthy.


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