Golden Wedding Flowers

Wedding Decorations | February 17 2015 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

Let’s face it: when we say 50 years we think of a half of a century, it is a long period of time when lots of things can change, especially nowadays when we live in a constant discovery of new things that turn a yesterday belief into ashes. What was thought yesterday to last for a life time can change in a matter of seconds for tomorrow to bring a new beginning, a new way to look at things, and as such new perspectives. If we put it in this way we can consider a life time spent in a marriage across all these 50 years, than it really deserves to be celebrated. People use to call this celebration the “golden wedding” and it makes a real difference to be able to attend such a celebration and see that love and respect and commitment a couple has promised 50 years ago are still standing.

And to pay your own consideration to their long lasting love you have to think of a gift which carries the symbol of your appreciation and what can be the best gift to offer if not the flowers? Offering flowers can never go wrong especially with a couple that has reached the age of total accomplishments, be they material or spiritual. Flowers are all the time welcomed as a gift, they nourish your soul and they ennoble the space you live in turning every day into a celebration of life bringing the immensity of the nature’s beauty in the limits of the small dimensions of your existence.

golden-wedding-flowersSince this wedding anniversary is called the golden one, then the best choice of flowers is the golden flower which we may call it in our context the golden wedding flower. The most favored flowers that have never failed and never will are the yellow roses. Roses in their meaning are known to be the most chameleonic flowers since their symbol gets changed with every color they present. The yellow roses have even gained the name of “roses golden wedding” as they are known to be presented to the couples who celebrate their 50 years of marriage. The meaning is of friendship, delight, gladness, joy, “I care”, tenderness, features that a couple married for so long has definitely experienced and still is at their wedding anniversary.

Other special flowers that worth mentioning as golden wedding flowers are camellias golden anniversary. The flower through its own way of living expresses everlasting union since the calyx of the camellia holds as long as the petals are lasting, when the petals go down so does the calyx, Chinese seeing this as a representation of the spirit of a lady (the petal) that has entrusted the man (calyx) as her protector.

Along with these flowers there are some others that make the object of a nice way to wish the couple all your best thoughts, delicate flowers such as violets, a nice bouquet with assorted fresh flowers as a symbol of love that is kept fresh in a marriage, because without the fresh scent of love a marriage couldn’t last for so long.11