Flowers In Wedding Cakes

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We can say about a cake that it is finished after we enhance its edible value by covering it with frosting, icing or toppings. And not only its edible value is enhanced but also the way it looks in the eyes of the people that are meant to eat it. There are so many processes that have developed in time for the topping, frosting or icing, each one of them bringing inventive and creative ways to make the cake look more gorgeous than the one that was baked before.

In the late 20th century new products to decorate the cakes appeared and they became available also to the public. These procedures included several methods to print pictures and transfer images onto a cake. In time they have developed in a real art of finding new designs and decorations for wedding cakes.  These sort of special occasions determined the cake decorators to put their ability at work, being able to create new forms of decorations to help increase the beauty and the oneness of the wedding cakes.

flowers-in-wedding-cakesThus the floral motifs made their way into the bakers art craft; adornments with wired sugar flowers, hand-formed fondant flowers, piped flowers or crystallized fruits and flowers are only few of the them to enumerate. Flowers in wedding cakes are quite old as a way of topping or decorating a cake, the design itself and the flowers material are what took a lot of changes in time.

So, we find floral wedding cakes in a various range of designs and material used for ornament. The more colorful and accurate the design of the floral decoration is the more realistic they look, therefore one may find it even hard to swallow the piece of edible flower that was just used to decorate and dignify the aspect of a cake! Flowers in wedding cakes may as well be used in their natural state. Their purpose is merely to adorn the wedding cake and to delight the eye.

The most popular flowers that are required for wedding cake decoration are roses (that come in the most incredible colors and nuances of colors), lilies, orchids and daisies. But it is preferred that these flowers to be used not necessarily in their natural state (i.e. the fresh flowers) because as fantastic and amazing as they look on the wedding cake they can reach to a point where they need to be hydrated and since this thing won’t be possible, they can loose their fresh aspect. So, it is better and safer, too, to use sugar flowers; they can be fantastic on the wedding cake and most important … they don’t die on you!11

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