How to Enjoy a Wedding as a Plus 1

Wedding Tips & Ideas | April 15 2016 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

There comes a time in life when every women gets to finally live her life dream of wearing that special white dress. Her Prince Charming appears and they decide to get married; everything changes, their mothers cry of happiness, their fathers could not be prouder, their siblings and friends are clapping their hands and join their celebration… Not in the story yet?! You’ll be soon: your partner has been invited to the wedding and you are going to be their plus 1. Usually, this is a painless experience, but the whole thing can be a little daunting if you don’t really know the bride or the groom, or most of the guests. Read on a few tips which will help you enjoy the wedding, have an amazing time and be an awesome guest.

Dress appropriately. Usually, the wedding dress code is mentioned on the invitation. Most of the weddings approach formal, semi-formal (cocktail attire, dressy casual) or simply casual. If the dress code is not specified, you should consult with your date, she/he will be able for sure to contact someone and give you an answer. Find an outfit which is comfortable and makes you feel glamorous at the same time, this will boost your self-confidence and will keep you in a good mood. By no means, you should not wear white, that’s the bride’s color.

Stick to the wedding etiquette. There are basic wedding etiquette rules that all the guests should follow, so stick to them. Don’t be late, don’t get drunk, stay until the cake is cut, etc.

Navigate the room and try to have small talks. Remember, the plus ones should be the most relaxed people in the whole wedding. There is no emotional involvement or organizational responsibility; the only thing they have to do is showing up. Therefore, there is no reason to put pressure on yourself. Weddings are fun, try to meet people and have a good time.

Have fun, but do not try to be the center of the attention. Just because you are a plus 1, doesn’t mean that you cannot dance and have fun. Do not be afraid to socialize, hit the dance floor. You do not have to become friends with all the guest, but try not to isolate yourself. Enjoy yourself in moderation and do not do something that could embarrass your date.
Be there for your partner. As a plus one, it’s your role to help your partner have a great time while she/he celebrates the people she loves. Be nice to his/her friends, don’t cause or participate in drama, and eat as much food as you can get away with.

Just be yourself. Enojoy yourself and enjoy the party. have some drinks and at the end of the night tell the bride and groom that this was the best wedding you have ever been to. Even if you don’t know the couple, you should thank them for inviting you and congratulate the newlyweds on the happy occasion.

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