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What can be more personal and worth minding than a letter received by mail, or a message hand-written to deliver the news of an upcoming event? Nowadays with the means that have emerged in the field of communication there is the tendency of congratulating someone through the aid of e-mail card, invites and/or greetings. This mean of delivering messages online sounds to me as very impersonal, the features that accompany this mean (of everybody’s accessibility and availability) making it be very informal, hence touched by the note of cool-hearted delivery.
I must confess that I had used once this e-card option for the birthday of a friend of mine, due to the fact that I was too busy to remember birthdays of my friends, not to mention that in that period of time even my birth date I was about to miss. But this event I promise not to take place again, as I am not at all a fan for this type of sending congrats or greetings to someone. And I have thought that this message sending is actually extinct as option for a wedding invitations mailing, but it proved that I was wrong. Not long ago, I was checking my e-mails and not less was I surprised to see that there was an electronic wedding invitation waiting for me.

At first I had the intention of deleting it from my inbox list, as I thought that it was a bad joke or something junk enough to be sent in spam box. But as I continued reading the subject of the e-mail, I realized that actually it was something meant to be taken for real. So I opened the e-mail and an electronic card was waiting for me and inviting me to attend to the wedding of a roommate whom I lost track of. I was amazed to find out that she actually recollected of me, since the times of our sharing the flat had taken place many years ago.

And returning to my previous opinion I can say that the aspect of an e-wedding card hasn’t aroused at all the curiosity in me in regard to the wedding attendance. I remember that I have sent my RSVP back to my friend’s e-mail address declining the invitation. Needless to add that the appearance of this impersonal way of inviting has somehow turned me mad wondering of I didn’t deserve a mail posted wedding invite.

But the answer to my dilemma I have recently found in one of the online (again) pages relating on the usage of these electronic wedding invitations: the couples who choose to send an e-wedding card do that because of the simple fact that they are not in the possession of the invitee’s mail address, therefore they prefer to have it send in the only way they are sure that the card is delivered: through e-mail address. A wedding planner online will also offer you the possibility to send the invitations online if you want.

And in this way I can say that I was cleared, as I knew that I have been relocated twice since my last meeting with my former roommate, and because she lost track of me she considered my e-mail address the best way to let me know about her wedding event. But getting my answer to my dilemma doesn’t mean that her gesture exonerates her of her mistake. She could have as well e-mailed me asking me about my home address in order to dispatch something for me. Thus I could have received a proper wedding invitation, and who knows maybe I would have even considered the possibility of merrily attending to her important event?!11


  1. Amy Crow

    March 30, 2010 at 3:14 pm

    The person who wrote this article doesn’t necessarily have all the facts, & is far too offended by an e-card, especially that of a wedding invitation. My husband & I are having a formal ceremony to congratulate us on being wed back in Feb. The reason we decided to go ahead & get married is because we had so many planning problems, including that of the venue, I got tired of the stress & money we didn’t have to play the “waiting game.” So, we got married at my parent’s house. We still plan on having a formal ceremony.

    Our formal ceremony is still a wreck. The location’s on a boat that’s currently being renovated: we have a month before the ceremony as of now, & it’s not done. The venue would never give me a contract to sign, never get in touch with me about measurements so I can plan decorations, NOTHING. This is something my husband wanted dearly, so I’m still going along. That, & we’d be hard-pressed to find another location at this point. But, because of the delays, when we should have sent out invitations back in December or January, it’s the end of March, & still no invitations have been sent. Not “save the date” cards, or anything.

    We plan on using electronic invitations to get a quick “yes” or “no” from those we want to invite. We only have a limited number of space on the boat (50 people, crew included), & those that aren’t going to be able to come, we can quickly send another invitation to our friends closer in town that we had not originally been able to invite otherwise. It’s also a way for us to be able to do a head count w/ our caterer. Having e-card invitations will also save us on money. Although I’d received the paper invitations for free from Freecycle.org, it would save us a lot of money to keep from mailing them out. They’re larger than normal in size for invitations, & the cost would be more than the average postage stamp. And we’d still spend at least that of a postage stamp on the return cards.

    So this person that wrote the article shouldn’t be too quick to judge about the convenience of using an e-card invitation. On-line, it’s a lot easier to keep track of a larger wedding than waiting to expect to receive “yes” or “no” reservation cards. (I know from experience w/ my first wedding.) That, & the cost to receive those back is cut as well. It doesn’t make it any less impersonal. But, it does save time & money for the soon-to-be-wed (or in our case, married) couple.


  2. Wedding Invitations

    March 30, 2010 at 3:51 pm

    Hello Amy,

    First of all hank you very much for reading our articles!

    I think that everyone’s opinion on wedding invitations is a very subjective reasoning. I totally agree with you with all the aspects you have presented related to your wedding. I know that electronic invitations cut off a lot of costs (like paper, mail taxes, stamps, etc.) and save a lot of time but I think that we should see this article just like an orientation opinion, in one certain person’s view.

    Definitely that online wedding invitations fit better for the days we live in, but this also depends on what categories of people you invite. I think it would be useless to send my grandma an online invitation. All my friends would like, because they are all Internet users, but certain guests have no Internet access or required skills to read that invitation.

    Moreover, some people still have an old-school way of thinking, and if they don’t receive a “classic” wedding invitation, they don’t take into account any other forms of invitations. Your idea with the online “yes/no” invitations is great, because it’s straight to the point, and you avoid that waiting and the uncertainty.

    All these been said, I wish you a happy wedding and I suggest you not to take the article personally (your idea is great!), and see it like someone’s opinion!


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