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Leonardo DaVinci is defined to be the most representative figure of the Renaissance period, a man whose unlimited curiosity turned him into a source of permanent inspiration and creativity in his quest for finding answers to the big questions of life and nature. The era of Renaissance was the favorable ground that offered DaVinci excellent conditions to sow his seeds of curious nature and grow the plant of innovation. He was the most prolific character of his times dealing with a lot of intellectual domains which he was attracted to in order to get the answers that were supposed to quench his endless curiosity.

So how does Leonardo DaVinci relate to the present DaVinci Wedding Dresses? What makes these dresses to be so DaVinci-like? One of the answers might be connected to his creativity that we see spread all over his work and the other answer might be related to the age of Renaissance, a period that brought a lot of changes in the fashion style of that time. Back then fashion imposed a status in society; the more expensive the fabrics of a dress were, the wealthier the woman proved to be. At that time the elaborate design with embroideries and jewels to adorn the dresses made the clothing  to retain a value that later on could be pawned in case of hard times.

davinci-wedding-dressesAccording to DaVinci there are three ways to look at your creative work: the objective point of view that enables you to approach the work from a stranger perspective, the other one was getting away from your work and return to it later in order to be offered another vision that came with your detachment, and the last one was to study your work from a certain distance, thus being able to have an overview upon the entire work and be able to find its flaws.

The DaVinci wedding dresses incorporate in them all this perspective of creation, in that the fashion designers look to obtain the brilliant effect of elegance, purity, and innovation as well. Their creativity combined with the Renaissance style give birth to special characteristics of the gowns that one can hardly find in other designers’ style.

In this respect we meet dresses made of taffeta with a sweetheart neckline cut, bodice adorned with floral embroidery and beading, the waist side-draped defined with rosette, draping A-line of the skirt extending into chapel length train. Other dresses use satin with a lace overlaid bodice, waist being defined with band and bow, presenting the same chapel length train, a characteristic for the DaVinci dresses style.

Most of these wedding dresses uses satin, tulle, taffeta and elaborate embroideries to give the gowns a plus of refinement and elegance.

Looking at these wedding dresses you are stunned about the creativity of the designers and due to their style you are prone to the belief that once you wear them it will cast the spell of eternity on you and your wedding day.11

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  1. cassey

    March 25, 2011 at 4:20 pm

    Hi. Thank you for presenting this article. Although it’s not that nice as you accustomed me your articles to be. I like the way you describe a DaVinci dress, but I wish I had seen more than one dress in this article. Although maybe there are so many other dresses that can fit these three criteria that you couldn’t make a selection. At the same time, I’m thinking that you give your readers the freedom to choose their own DaVinci dress when they see it. That’s quite nice, but I have to say sometimes it doesn’t go like that. I really want to see more of what a DaVinci dress looks like. Because it happens that this one here I like and I wish I saw more like this one.


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