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Making plans for wedding involves a lot of time spent in researches, either for wedding planners, in case your budget allows  to get this ‘burden’ off your shoulders, or for browsing the websites in the Internet to find relevant information regarding the planning of your big event. But next to these well-known researches there have been and still are the well-meant ideas or proposals of the family and friends that have previously attended such events.

Because, apart from the help you can get out of the above mentioned researches, it is the “live” experience of the family and friends they had while taking part in these ceremonies. And nothing compares to it! These lived experiences can give you an unbiased point of view, you can find out the latest ‘gossips’ on what’s trendy, what was the general impression on the outfit, who danced with who on the wedding party, what were the most popular songs to dance to, and so on.

dance-songs-wedding-music-hourSo, if we chose to be that do-it-yourself kind of person in organizing your wedding ceremony, you have to pay close attention at every detail regarding the choice of music, the devices you need to get a good sound, or the band you want to hire to have in their repertoire the songs you have decided upon. But these aspects have to be interconnected with the theme of your wedding, the location, the space where you plan to hold the party. In case your party is located in a public space, you have to consider the noise restrictions, or if you like string instruments and have your party on the beach, the violinists may end up getting wet by the waves!

Most important fact in this process is the selection of the music. You need to see what is the proper music to be played while the religious ceremony is on, you have to pass through the entire list of options listening to these songs to understand their real meaning. Actually this tip goes for every moment of your wedding where music is involved. Then the dance songs wedding music hour has to be carefully subjected to your attention. You have to take into account the first dance wedding song, the daughter and father’s song, then the mother to son songs, then bride and groom song that actually set the tone for the beginning of the party.

If you hire a band or a DJ, you need to be aware of the contracts terms you are signing, since there has to be stipulated the duration of their service and in this way you know exactly for how long you have them available. In case the party stays later than you planned you might need to pay extra-fees for the music to be still on.

And a closing tip: ensure yourself that the music you have selected represents you, both of you as a couple, but at the same time it has to include the popularity that makes it danceable and apprized by the participants as well. But you don’t have to worry too much because the music field is so vast that it comprises both of the things that need to be reflected in your musical selection.11

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