Cristian Wedding Songs

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Christian wedding songs represent a pure and simple way for a couple to show their faith. It is pure because it has to do with the concept of Christianity and simple because it goes down deep into our being, a being released from the complexity of life itself. The religious Christian wedding has its roots in the definition of the true Christian spirituality which is based on the belief that Holy Spirit leads our life. This spirituality is guiding us to make choices in our daily relationships and once we find the perfect match we feel the connection to the soul pair and the urge to live in a communion with it.

The mundane elements that constitute Christianity are:¬† a set of belief, a set of values (based on hope, love of others, denial of self), a way of life (the human life in which our belief and values are expressed). In this respect the religious wedding ceremony unfolds in a sequence of symbols that relate to the Christian spirituality itself. Exchanges of vows, the religious ritual, the music are all interconnected to reach the apexes of the wedding’s spirituality.

cristian-wedding-songsThough in many cases the location of the wedding ceremony happens to be not necessarily in church, the elements of wedding draw the faith and love that guide the spirits of the couple to join together in the Holy matrimony. Music plays a special part in this day and those present, especially the couples, look for the music that render faithfully the reason that first gathered them there.

The common processional song is “The Bridal Chorus” or better known as “Here comes the bride” by Richard Wagner and as to other activities inside the church required by the ceremony, Christian instrumental might be more adequate. But apart from the religious themed music, some may choose for Christian wedding songs music that is performed by well known bands and they are already big hits, such as: “So much in love” – All4One, “I will” – Allison Krauss, “If I ain’t got you” – Alicia Keys and the list may continue.

Other favorite songs that worth taking into account for a Christian wedding are:

– “When God made you” – performed by Newsong, is the perfect song that describes how love was met and joined two hearts together and helped them find the answer of the mystery of life, that no matter where the life is carrying one soul, the other will follow and give support. The fact that he and she had met was merely an act of God and because of this their love would last forever.

– Another song is “For you” – by Michael W. Smith is a song about everlasting¬† commitment, a reassurance of the fact that whenever she needs, he will be there for her and help her rise whenever she falls, that she won’t be left to drown, whatever bad may cross her existence, he will be there to protect her.

– “By Heart, by Soul” – performed by Avalon, is an hymn dedicated to the love he found, and how she is embodied in every thing that surrounds him, thus everything that seemed to be mysterious before now has a meaning and finds its reflection in the existence of the beloved one.11

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