Celtic Wedding Invitations

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When it comes to the Celtic culture, specialists agree on at least one thing: it’s hard to find an exact and accurate definition. Start with the origins and follow these tribes throughout history: it’s an amazing journey. The Celts originate in central Europe, east from the Rhine. They were an Indo-Aryan people traveling in search of the sun’s home. They organized in tribal nations and were often referred to as a cultural and linguistic broad group. The Celtic society was not a caste one, but it had a clear social structure. The noble class was in top of the society and the king was the top man. In some tribes the idea of kingship was not accepted, the king being replaced by the Vergobret, a nobility council. The status came from right passed from one generation of nobles to the next one. However, birth did not impose a rigid system. For example, landless commoners could advance in social rank by gathering small fortunes either from commerce or war.
At the base of this civilization stands the clan. The Gaelic word “clann” is synonym with children. The clan takes the name of the person from whom the family descended. Every important decision is taken by the clan chief, the person who has moral authority over the other members. The Celtic culture founds its beliefs on the idea of connection between the material and the spiritual. Close to nature and to God the Celtic people are missionary people. They value their traditions and try to pass them on as much as possible.

Celtic weddings don’t make any exception from this rule. There are rituals and codes that need to be followed. The importance of family is crucial for these people. As wedding invitations are concerned, they have to embrace some of the landmarks of this famous culture. From symbols to Celtic inscription a Celtic wedding invitation is modern and traditional at the same time.

Specialdayinvitations.co.uk offers a large collection of Celtic wedding invitations. They may vary in design but they all have in common Celtic symbols and themes. Every clan has a distinctive sign and the invitation cards should include this sign. Wording can also be customized. Beside the basic information Celtic verse or poem can be added for a more accurate picture of Celtic customs.

The same range of services is available on Celtic Wedding Stationary. Specialists here have brought original designs with Celtic accents to accessorize your wedding. The ensemble contains reply cards, thank you cards, evening invites, menus, place cards, thank you scrolls and bookmarks. Testimonials say that the order is easy to make and you get to decide on everything: color, quantity, design, wording, etc. the service and prompted and every order is guaranteed to be a success.

No matter what provider you choose for your Celtic wedding invitations the important thing is to go for quality. The Celtic culture is a great one but needs the best materials as a respect gesture.11

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