Best Country Wedding Songs For A Slide Show

30 January 2015 0 Comments

There is a custom that many wedding couples use while celebrating their wedding party:  the photo slide show, which each couple prefer to organize it in their own personalized way. Some couples are using photos from the times when they were singles to the day they have met, other couples leave this slide show on […]

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Good Wedding Songs From The 60's And 70's

14 January 2015 0 Comments

The music of the 60s and 70s is emblematically represented by the sound of rock ‘n ‘ roll. It has the roots in American folk music where the voices of colored people were heard as an echo of the rhythmic and vocal traditions originating on the other side of the planet in Africa. Its expression […]

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Italian Wedding Songs

20 December 2014 1 Comment

Weddings in Italy have the perfume of old and the scent of romance, especially if we consider that Verona, the place where Romeo and Juliet’s love story takes place, is located in Italy. When we say Italy we associate quite often its name with gondolas, with Venetians carnivals and the mysteries that they hide behind […]

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Top Wedding Entrance Songs

26 October 2014 0 Comments

Music is an important element in the wedding ceremony; the songs a couple is choosing are defining specific moments of the wedding ceremony. The song needs to represent these moments which are actually parts that constitute the wedding body.  According to the moment’s meaning songs have to reflect through their lyrics and tunes as well […]

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Nontraditional Wedding Songs

06 October 2014 1 Comment

What if for your wedding you decide to break the rules? What if instead of white bridal gown you will decide to wear a red one? What if instead of a classical music for your wedding ceremony you will have some rock ballads playing while you walk the aisle, and when the “you may kiss […]

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6 Foods and Drinks to avoid at the Wedding Reception

30 September 2014 1 Comment

Food is a big part of any wedding. You can leave aside the flowers and you can turn down the music, but people will still want to eat at some point. And just as every other aspect related to the wedding day, the food that will be served at the reception needs to be carefully […]

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Irish Mother Son Wedding Songs

03 September 2014 1 Comment

Irish music, in spite of emigration and globalization of so many cultural forces has kept in time many of its traditional aspects, at its turn influencing other forms of music, such as country music in the USA. It was also inspiring for the rock genre, a fact that is to be noticed in the recent […]

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Best Wedding Songs

12 August 2014 0 Comments

A wedding is divided into various special moments. You have the ceremony, the first dance as a married couple, the cutting of the cake and many others. Each of these moments are usually accompanied by some beautiful songs. Choosing the right music for your wedding can make a huge difference. Each couple has its own […]

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Wedding Food And Beverage Trends In 2014

25 June 2014 0 Comments

Food and drink define an important aspect of the wedding. The choice of food and drink will tell guests a lot about the thought and planning put into the wedding, so the right choice is important to entertain guests to the maximum and leave them with the impression of a remarkable wedding event. This season […]

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Wedding Trends And The Art Of Wedding Photography In 2014

22 June 2014 0 Comments

Each season of the year has its charm and unique splendor when it comes to shooting in such a framework. The same goes when it comes to trends, every year there are new trends, new styles to delight the bride and cause the photo again. Of course adapted to couple style trends of 2014 in […]

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Mother To Son Songs For Wedding Day

01 April 2014 0 Comments

It’s common knowledge that the custom of father-daughter wedding song to be danced at the wedding ceremony is more popular than the mother-son song for wedding day. But this can not be a problem as there is a whole list of choices for this dance song, especially that moms enjoy dancing at their children weddings. […]

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Neil Diamond Wedding Songs

29 March 2014 0 Comments

Neil Diamond is known to be one of the most successful pop music singer and songwriter. David Wilde, a critic in the music and television industries, defined the themes of Diamond’s songs as having “a deep sense of isolation and an equal desire for connection…” and that through his lyrics he described “the good, the […]

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Irish Wedding Songs

21 February 2014 0 Comments

The music is the central part of a wedding. You can make every moment unforgettable with the right songs. In this article you will find some information related to the Irish wedding songs. When you choose the songs it is important to consult with your family members and with your friends because you have to […]

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Songs For Father & Daughter At A Wedding

21 February 2014 0 Comments

Wedding music is very important, mainly because it is the one that sets the entire mood and atmosphere of the event. I am pretty sure we all had at least one bad experience at a wedding, where we simply could not dance or do anything, because the music was either not on our taste or […]

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Beautiful Harp Music For Wedding

16 February 2014 0 Comments

Looking for romantic instrumental music for your big event? What about playing wedding harp music? Harp is an instrument that can really add a touch of elegance to a wedding. Harp music doesn’t stop to classical music. It is a versatile instrument being capable of playing various musical styles from classical to jazz and many […]

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Songs For A Wedding Ceremony

10 February 2014 1 Comment

The first part from a wedding day is about the religious ceremony. From everything in this day will happen now it is all more emotional and intense lived moments. The unity, in the proper way will happen. But besides this separation made from the perspective of having different locations and automatically different ways to plan […]

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Contemporary Wedding Dance Songs for the Reception Party

10 February 2014 2 Comments

Not as a strict rule or applying concept at all weddings but lately more and more pairs of grooms and also guests would like to hear modern music. Traditionalism loses ground and mostly because in transforms the event into a common one, something that everybody already knows, something that will not come as a surprise […]

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Father Bride Wedding Songs

02 February 2014 1 Comment

A wedding it’s an emotional event not only for the bride or the groom, but also for their parents. How boys have a special connection with their mothers, the same type of relation a girl has with her father. When a girl hears the word “father”, she instantly thinks about unconditional love, protection, safety and […]

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