Halloween Wedding Ideas

22 October 2018 0 Comments

Halloween Wedding Ideas

Besides the celebration of harvest and grapes, autumn is famous for Halloween. Controversial or not, accepted or blamed, I think is a good opportunity for special weddings. Halloween is a source of inspiration for countless couples who want to organize original parties, unforgettable for all the guests. To capitalize in detail the beauty that is […]

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Most Awesome Wedding Themes That Will Blow Your Mind

23 August 2016 0 Comments

Who said planning your wedding day was going to be easy? Your big day is going to be perfect anyways, but preparing for it can be really stressful as there are so many details you need to take into consideration: the perfect venue, the perfect color scheme that fits your venue, your partner’s desires and […]

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Top 5 Waltzes to Dance to on your Wedding Night

21 January 2016 0 Comments

1. Dmitri Shostakovich – Second Waltz The origins of paper signed by Shostakovich are still uncertain and sometimes confuse names. However, most experts agree that this piece is probably part of a jazz suite composed in 1924. A huge wave of popularity of his work came about in 1999 when it was used as part […]

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Dominican Wedding Songs

08 January 2016 0 Comments

Dominican Wedding Songs

Dominican Republic is a nation that populates the island of Hispaniola, that is part of the Greater Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean region. The country is displaying white-sand beaches, mountain ranges crossed by spectacular rivers and waterfalls, and saltwater lakes, as well as exotic wildlife; all these turn the Dominican Republic into a dream land […]

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Songs For Wedding Recception

26 June 2015 1 Comment

You have already fixed your wedding date and you start thinking to draw the first plans to organize your wedding reception. One of the elements that bring success to your wedding is the choice of music. But this choice depends on many factors. Remember when you attended that wedding party and the music couldn’t be […]

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Blink 182 Wedding Songs

26 June 2015 0 Comments

Nowadays is very common to include in the music repertoire of a wedding reception, songs that at the first sight don’t seem to be so appraised or even understood by a large number of wedding participants. Rock music has always been the music of the rebels, the music that was born out of a non-conformance […]

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6 Foods and Drinks to avoid at the Wedding Reception

30 September 2014 1 Comment

Food is a big part of any wedding. You can leave aside the flowers and you can turn down the music, but people will still want to eat at some point. And just as every other aspect related to the wedding day, the food that will be served at the reception needs to be carefully […]

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Irish Mother Son Wedding Songs

03 September 2014 1 Comment

Irish music, in spite of emigration and globalization of so many cultural forces has kept in time many of its traditional aspects, at its turn influencing other forms of music, such as country music in the USA. It was also inspiring for the rock genre, a fact that is to be noticed in the recent […]

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Best Wedding Songs

12 August 2014 0 Comments

A wedding is divided into various special moments. You have the ceremony, the first dance as a married couple, the cutting of the cake and many others. Each of these moments are usually accompanied by some beautiful songs. Choosing the right music for your wedding can make a huge difference. Each couple has its own […]

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Neil Diamond Wedding Songs

29 March 2014 0 Comments

Neil Diamond is known to be one of the most successful pop music singer and songwriter. David Wilde, a critic in the music and television industries, defined the themes of Diamond’s songs as having “a deep sense of isolation and an equal desire for connection…” and that through his lyrics he described “the good, the […]

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Beautiful Harp Music For Wedding

16 February 2014 0 Comments

Looking for romantic instrumental music for your big event? What about playing wedding harp music? Harp is an instrument that can really add a touch of elegance to a wedding. Harp music doesn’t stop to classical music. It is a versatile instrument being capable of playing various musical styles from classical to jazz and many […]

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Best wedding unity sand songs

22 January 2014 1 Comment

The ceremony is a precious part of the wedding, in my opinion, being the most important because you express your feelings, your love and respect, your desires and loyalty for the man you love in front of God, if front of friends, family and cognates and also in front of society. The magic part of […]

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Brother sister wedding dance songs

03 January 2014 0 Comments

The relationship between brothers and sisters is always very adventurous. On a hand, always exists conflicts between brothers and sisters even if it’s about different concepts, about who was the last who bought the bread, how left the salt on the table or “Take your feet off the table!” and so on. All these disputes […]

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Christian Wedding Songs Mother Son

27 December 2013 0 Comments

Christian weddings are the events to be performed in a total awareness of the fact that God is the witness to assist in the act of marriage and due to this symbolic presence wedding couples feel penetrated by the divine bliss that accompanies their decision to join together in a life of love, commitment and […]

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Wedding dedication songs from wife to husband

07 December 2013 0 Comments

Each time I’m falling in love, it happens to hear a certain song and exactly that song  fits like a glove on my heart, molds on my feelings and speaks volumes about my emotions, about my expectations, about my desires. To each man I’ve dedicated a part of my life; I’ve dedicated also a song. […]

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Bryan Adams Wedding Love Songs

03 December 2013 0 Comments

Bryan Adams is a Canadian singer, composer, musician and ever photographer. But he is most known for his music career and for the songs which he sang and performed with such passion. Bryan Adams also wrote music for movies and for this he was many times nominated and even won many times awards of different […]

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Wedding Songs for the Bridal Party to Walk Down the Aisle

22 November 2013 0 Comments

Knowing that priests won’t accept any modern music during the religious ceremony the only chance to fulfill this desire will be for the bridal time to enter in the church. In the traditional way it is the march down the aisle. A moment of glory for the bride so the decision taken on regards of […]

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Neil Diamond's Wedding Songs

14 November 2013 0 Comments

Struggling to find good music for your wedding playlist? Consider including Neil Diamond in it. Neil Leslie Diamond is an American successful pop music performer who scored many international hits in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. According to music critics, Diamond’s songs are about “a deep sense of isolation, an equal desire for connection and […]

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