Swarovski Wedding Invitations

06 November 2013 0 Comments

So, everything is set: you already know the locations and the caterer, the band and you have booked the wedding chapel. Your wedding day seems pretty much in order. All is fine except with a little detail: the wedding invitations. These are the only elements that are missing from the picture. It is not that […]

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Alice In Wonderland Wedding Invitations

05 November 2013 1 Comment

Wedding invitations are inspired from many things. Some get inspired form movies, nature , other choose fairytales. Alice in wonderland is a very well known story that has conquered the heart of many young girls and women. So on your wedding day, it seems only normal that you wish to be the princess of your […]

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Inexpensive Church Wedding Invitations

04 November 2013 1 Comment

Many wedding couples prefer to have their weddings held in religious settings, either it is a cathedral or a church of your own religious belief that is close to your neighborhood. Getting married in a religious way it is said to be the safest modality to keep your marriage in the holy bond that was […]

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Classic Wedding Invitations Fleur De Lis

02 November 2013 0 Comments

The classic wedding invitation was written on a small, white paper card and the writing was either by hand or printed. The fleur-de-lis is a stylized iris or lily flower used as a symbol or decorative art design in heraldry often having a political or dynastic significance. This symbol was often used for the classic […]

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Italy Theme Wedding Invitations

01 November 2013 0 Comments

There are many details to establish when it comes to wedding. Wedding invitations have a very important role. They usually announce the guest where and when the ceremony and the reception will take place. No matter if you are American, Spanish or Italian when it comes to wedding the rules are the same for everyone. […]

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Affordable Wedding Invitations

31 October 2013 2 Comments

Wedding can be pretty expensive. That is why each bride wants to save up some money where she can. Either it’s the decoration, the wedding favors or the wedding invitations. There is no shame in trying to save up some money. You can be creative and try to make your own wedding invites. This can […]

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Wedding Etiquette for Wording Wedding Invitations

24 October 2013 0 Comments

It is not that you don’t know how to handle the wedding invitations. It is rather more an issue of knowing the little details of this puzzle. The wedding invitations are the first element of the wedding your guests are going to see. It is only normal to wish for the best and to look […]

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Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

24 October 2013 0 Comments

To make your own wedding invitations means to control every aspect, every detail in the process. There is no wedding planner to back you up. You are in charge of everything: design, lines, colors, illustrations, wording, etc. The pieces once put together become the wedding messenger. A wedding invitation contains basic information about where, when, […]

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Addressing Wedding Invitations

24 October 2013 0 Comments

Wording wedding invitations has never been easier. There are so many useful guides around you that it is literally impossible not to handle it. The truth is that as long as you write with love and passion there is no real danger. However, if you want to pay a little bit of attention to etiquette […]

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Irish Wedding Invitations

22 December 2012 0 Comments

The couples who are interested in organizing an Irish wedding should make sure they don’t forget to purchase matching wedding invitations. The market offers plenty of Irish inspired wedding invitations from which to choose, so you won’t have trouble finding the right invitations for your special occasion. Here are only a few of the most […]

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Handmade Wedding Invitation Ideas

19 December 2012 0 Comments

If you are looking for interesting handmade wedding invitations you should know that on the market you will find plenty of useful ideas and instructions regarding the design of a homemade wedding invitation. I’ve actually managed to select a few of the good-looking handmade wedding invitations that you should consider. Handmade Wedding Invitation Ideas (Photo […]

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Motorcycle Wedding Invitations

17 December 2012 0 Comments

The couples passionate about motorcycles and interested in planning an out of the ordinary wedding should consider sending to their wedding guests a motorcycle inspired wedding invitation. You will be able to find various such styles and designs, so locating something suitable for your wedding won’t be hard. Check out the following options and wow […]

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Firefighter Wedding Invitations

13 December 2012 0 Comments

If you are getting married to a firefighter you will have to organize a suitable wedding using various firefighter inspired items. The first aspect that you need to take care of involves finding suitable wedding invitations. Fortunately, on the market you have the opportunity to find plenty of firefighter wedding invitations which catch the attention […]

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Regency Wedding Invitations

12 December 2012 0 Comments

The wedding invitations are probably one of the most important wedding details that each couple needs to treat with maximum attention. That’s because the wedding invitation offers you the possibility to impress your guests and advertise your happy event. Fortunately, the market isn’t short of options when it comes to catchy and elegant wedding invitations. […]

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Western Wedding Invitations

11 December 2012 0 Comments

The couples interested in organizing a western inspired wedding have the opportunity to find on the market plenty of suitable wedding invitations. Each one of those western invitations is made of high quality paper and stands out from the crowd with original and beautiful designs and patterns. In order to make your work easier I’ve […]

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Disney Wedding Invitations

10 December 2012 0 Comments

The couples who are planning a Disney inspired wedding should definitely consider buying matching wedding invitations. On the market you have the opportunity to find plenty of Disney inspired wedding cards which stand out with their exquisite designs and luxurious details. Here are only a few of the catchy Disney wedding invitations that you should […]

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Red Rose Wedding Invitations

28 November 2012 0 Comments

The brides who decide to use as main wedding color red and as main wedding flowers roses should consider buying matching wedding invitations. The market allows you to choose from a wide variety of red rose wedding invitations suitable for a formal or casual event. Here are only a few of the most attractive designs […]

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50 Year Wedding Anniversary Invitations

26 November 2012 0 Comments

Celebrating 50th years of marriage is an important event for any couple. That’s why you should mark the event by organizing a party and inviting your family and closest friends with the help of suitable anniversary invitations. On the market you will be able to find plenty of wedding anniversary invitations from which you can […]

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