Top Wedding Dresses For Beach

25 February 2014 1 Comment

The myriad of styles, designs, themes, lengths, color-schemes, formalities and fabrics for beach wedding dresses is wide enough to choose the one for your body figure and your personality. Since there are so many choices in wedding dresses for beach weddings, we can easily compose a top with the most rated wedding dresses that brides […]

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Herve Mariage 2011 Fall Bridal Collection

17 February 2014 0 Comments

We add another beautiful collection of fall wedding dresses to our favorites – the one signed by Herve Mariage for 2011. This is one of the many articles we have on Herve Mariage wedding dresses that you can find on our website and we suggest you look for the other posts to see different designs […]

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Flower one shoulder wedding dresses

17 February 2014 2 Comments

Nowadays, among the most popular types of wedding dresses are destination wedding dresses for brides who are planning a beach or an island wedding. It seems that more and more modern brides are electing a more exotic and tropical natural location for their wedding to take place instead of the traditional usual conventional city. That […]

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Black Leather Wedding Dresses

17 February 2014 3 Comments

When you think about wedding gowns, white is the color in which you picture the bride being dressed while walking down the aisle. This can be regarded as a stereotypical image, especially since white is no longer perceived as the basic color for the bridal attire. Women decide to embrace their preferences and dress in […]

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2012 Cocktail Collection By Pronovias

16 February 2014 0 Comments

We are deeply in love with the newest cocktail collection released by Pronovias for 2012 and this is one of the many reasons for why we bring so much dresses of this kind on our website.    We’ve also noticed that there are many brides and other readers who like the gorgeous pieces available on […]

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Lace Wedding Dresses

16 February 2014 0 Comments

In case that you want to return your wedding dress to the Bride Store and you want to clean it you have to read this article. It is important to know about the lace wedding dresses that they are hard to clean because its material is hard to handle. In case that is cleaned wrong, […]

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Patrizia Ferrera wedding dresses

10 February 2014 0 Comments

Nowadays more and more famous fashion designers are trying to create visually more attractive wedding dresses that can still feel comfy and look sexy on the brides. There is no other muse or better source of inspiration for these wedding dress designers than the modern woman or bride herself! The new preferences of the contemporary […]

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Wedding Dresses To Wear On The Beach If You Are Over 50

08 February 2014 1 Comment

If you are planning a beach wedding and you fear at the thought that you won’t be able to find any wedding dress to wear on the beach if you are over 50 years old, don’t panic. There are plenty designs and styles for mature bride destinations wedding dresses that you can choose from. In […]

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Paola D Onofrio Wedding Dresses

01 February 2014 3 Comments

Are you ready for a round of rich, enchanting and highly extravagant haute couture wedding dresses? If not, you’d better get ready because these dresses here are quite exceptional and they require a lot of attention form you. We are pretty sure that you are going to fall in love with these superb Paola D’Onofrio […]

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Important 2014 Wedding Gown Designers To Consider

01 February 2014 0 Comments

When inquiring yourself how to look perfect on your wedding day the first images that come to your mind together with the response to your inquiry are images of perfect wedding gowns which can make any woman gaze gorgeous while strolling down the isle on her special wedding day. This is why we have considered […]

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Ana Torres Wedding Dresses III

22 January 2014 2 Comments

In this article we are going to present you a few exceptional haute couture wedding gowns designed by the famous and talented Ana Torres couturier that we recommend to both modern and classic brides who want to wear something more refined, ultra dainty and feminine on the big day.   Ana Torres is one of […]

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Jason Grech Wedding Dresses

20 January 2014 0 Comments

Those who are seeking for a visionary designer who can create them a fabulous wedding dress for a fancy wedding should stop at Jason Grech. This couturier works in the bridal industry for 11 years now and it looks like his creations are getting more and more elevated and appreciated all over the world.   […]

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2-piece Wedding Dresses

20 January 2014 1 Comment

Choosing the best wedding dress design and style is now a very easy and delightful process since so many modern styles appeared on the market. To make sure that you choose the most suitable and attractive bridal wear for your body figure you must pick the one that better expresses your individuality and personality. It […]

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Sleeved Wedding Dresses

17 January 2014 3 Comments

To help you find the most suitable and beautiful wedding dress for your big day we can offer you some information about wedding dress sleeves and what are the most popular and desired types. If you thought that the wedding dress is all about the bodice and the skirt, you were completely wrong. There are […]

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Red Wedding Dresses

17 January 2014 0 Comments

How to accessorize a strapless red wedding dress? Read this article and find out the answer to this question. If we take in consideration the wedding ceremonies in the United States we have to know that the red wedding gowns are not the traditional dresses. On the other hand the Chinese and the Japan brides […]

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Tea Length Beach Wedding Dresses

15 January 2014 2 Comments

If you’re preparing for a beach wedding, an island or any other summer outdoor wedding you should prepare for a tea length wedding dress style too. It doesn’t really matters whether you’re on a exotic beach in Bahamas or Hawaii, whether you’re in a back yard or a botanical garden as long as you put […]

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Black And White Wedding Party Dresses

13 January 2014 2 Comments

The number of those brides who are choosing a vintage or a classy antique wedding dress for their wedding day is getting bigger and bigger with every season that passes. Among the most popular types of vintage chic wedding dresses that brides seem to fancy are those featuring a black and white theme or color […]

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Pretty ruffle wedding dresses

12 January 2014 1 Comment

If you are planning a simple intimate yet chic and stylish wedding and you haven’t found yet the right wedding dress to wear perhaps you should take a look at these pretty ruffle wedding dresses shown in the photos below. Textured wedding dresses are highly in vogue at this moment and we are happy to […]

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