Winter Wedding Dresses

09 September 2014 0 Comments

Winter weddings are considered to be off – season since there are not too many brides willing to face blizzards just for getting married in a fairy tale natural décor. However, a bride will look really special in winter, even though this will mean she has to be a little more covered than usual. As […]

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Ladies, here’s what NOT to wear as a wedding guest

08 September 2014 0 Comments

As a guest, dressing up for a wedding may be the ultimate challenge. You need good taste. You need to match accessories with the dress. You need to be sexy, yet elegant. Since we are always here to help, here are some tips on what you should never do as far as wedding clothing is […]

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1960’s Wedding Gowns

30 June 2014 0 Comments

Retro-style weddings are more and more preferred by the brides nowadays, and the style from 50s and 60s seems to be the favorite one. It is quite fascinating to look back into the history of wedding fashion and find out the changes that have occurred over the years. The 60s were the years that generated […]

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2014 Wedding Dress Trends

05 May 2014 0 Comments

The most important trends of wedding dresses for 2014 are stunning, flowing and romantic creations, adapted to all tastes and styles. In the new collections of wedding dresses, a mix of old and contemporary was done in order to be given a fusion of materials, lace, embroidery, crystals and transparencies emerging in plain fabrics and […]

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A Perfect Plan For A Perfect Wedding Dress

29 April 2014 0 Comments

To be sure of your choice when you decide on a wedding dress should you should bear in mind the following steps: Browse some pictures of styles that you think are best suited to be analuysed and chosen. Accept proper advice from professionals in the field. Do not forget that they are in charge of […]

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Choosing The Perfect Wedding Dress

28 April 2014 0 Comments

You can easily choose your wedding dress, following these ten simple steps during the planning process. 1. Firstly you have to keep in mind the wedding season then think about the reception locatio. These two aspects are very important and must be taken into account. If you have chosen to have a spring or summer […]

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Cheap Medieval Wedding Dresses

13 April 2014 0 Comments

Wedding dresses during the medieval period were quite different to the ones we wear today. First of all the color was the main element to be chosen for a wedding dress since the colors carried symbols that depicted the character of the bride or her social status. Thus blue was the color of purity instead […]

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Princess And Barbie Wedding Dresses

01 April 2014 3 Comments

Barbie is the name of a fashion doll manufactured In America by the businesswoman Ruth Handler and launched for the first time in March 1959. The inspiration in creating this world known doll was the German doll called Bild Lili. Barbie has been an important “piece de resistance” in the toy fashion doll market, she […]

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Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

01 April 2014 2 Comments

Being selected as bridesmaid for your best friend’s wedding is an honor and a joy that confers this role a dimension of a unique experience. As a bridesmaid you are given responsibilities not only material but also spiritual ones. Bridesmaid has to be the shoulder that the bride leans whenever the tasks of planning a […]

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Informal Wedding Dresses

29 March 2014 1 Comment

The beauty of the informal style, whatever it comprises, from fashion to behavior and taste, is that it doesn’t require too much money to spend. One may say that this style shouldn’t be approached when it comes to attend big social events, for instance a cocktail party thrown by your boss for your promotion, or […]

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Dry Cleaners Specializing In Wedding Dresses

29 March 2014 0 Comments

A wedding dress is that kind of clothing that you would like to preserve at least some time after your wedding day is gone. In case it is a stylish one, and its design is the one that can defeat the fashion trends in time, you may want to further keep it till your child […]

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Lavender And White Wedding Dresses

26 March 2014 0 Comments

Getting ready for your wedding day is loaded with as much as excitement as it is with sleepless nights and thoughts and ideas on how your wedding gown should look like. Brides begin fervently to browse the websites looking for pictures that might bring them a piece of suggestion in an attempt to smooth this […]

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The Best Wedding Shoes For 2014

21 March 2014 0 Comments

Weddings, just like any other special occasions need a thorough preparation. Generally, for the ride’s part, it is much more overwhelming because there are just so many things that need to be considered. This year, with a lot of weddings that are about to take place, let us try to see what best compliments a […]

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Allure Bridals 2011 Bridesmaid Collection

07 March 2014 1 Comment

We believe that this article will make many women happy because we know that many of you are waiting to see more information and pictures of bridesmaids dresses here on our website. Well, here we are again with a beautiful series of bridesmaid gowns created by Allure Bridals for one of their ultimate 2011 collection. […]

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Five Most Considerable Things To Consider While Choosing Wedding Dresses

06 March 2014 0 Comments

Focus on Finding a Dress that Best Suits Your Body  A long line of teensy gem buttons and a nicely placed ruffle can mean the variation between a good wedding ceremony dress and the best one. However, before you begin nitpicking the specifics, first determine the silhouette that goes well with you. It would be […]

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Glamorously Vintage Wedding Dresses

02 March 2014 1 Comment

Nowadays, the number of modern brides who are planning a spectacular old fashion wedding is getting bigger and bigger. More and more couples decide to organize the whole event in a more vibrant, chic and impressive style, just to obtain a more original atmosphere or to celebrate a special date or event in their lives. […]

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Pepe Botella Wedding Dresses III

28 February 2014 0 Comments

We are here to present you with joy and excitement more of the superb bridal dresses made by Pepe Botella for the wonderful White Moon 2011 bridal collection hopefully the models we’ve selected for this article will meet your preferences.   We are happy to see that your reactions and responses to the other Pepe […]

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Romantic Jill Stuart wedding dresses

27 February 2014 2 Comments

The bets part of being a modern bride and acting like a real one is the privilege of choosing from so many gorgeous and phenomenal types of romantic wedding dresses. Brides of today who are planning a their dream magical wedding in a very sensational and yet delicate playful manner might be truly interested in […]

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