[INTERVIEW] 2015 Wedding Dress Trends & Picking A Gown To Match Your Silhouette

27 March 2015 10 Comments

Today we have a pretty amazing interview with Sherry from CocoMelody, a company selling some of the most beautiful and affordable wedding dresses you’ve ever seen. Sherry has some pretty awesome advice for all the future brides out there, including how to choose the wedding dress that its your body shape and which are the […]

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The 4 Main Dress Styles That Will Dominate In 2015

17 March 2015 1 Comment

We’re looking at some major changes here ladies. Are you ready to hear about the 4 wedding dress styles that will dominate in 2015? 1. Futuristic – If you are not that type of romantic bride and are not in love with silks, crystals and lace, then the futuristic style, with bold cuts, innovative and […]

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The Nightmare Of Finding The Right Wedding Shoes

13 March 2015 0 Comments

Now that’s a real challenge, especially when you’re the bride to be. Choosing the right pair of shoes is a nightmare to every woman, so can you imagine the pressure of picking one for the most important day of your life? If you are used to wearing high heels, it will be easier for you […]

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Modern Wedding Gowns

25 February 2015 2 Comments

Pretty soon your wedding day will knock at your door and when this happens you want to be prepared to meet it in a way that leaves nice memories in your future life as a wife. You have already set the tone of your wedding through the wedding invitations that you have sent letting everybody […]

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Catch a Glimpse of Vera Wang’s 2015 Fall Collection

19 February 2015 1 Comment

Vera Wang is already a benchmark for wedding dress designers everywhere. Her superb creations, while not the most affordable, are the most envied dresses for brides getting married all over the world. The pictures below are some of the iconic dresses which are part of her 2015 fall bridal collection. We’d love to know which […]

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Plus Size Wedding Dresses

07 February 2015 2 Comments

Every bride needs to know that her wedding dress is the sensation of her wedding day therefore she constantly looks to find something that suits her style and personality and that it is at the same time beautiful and special. For you, as a future bride, doing the research takes so much time, that you’ve […]

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7 Steps To Help You Choose A Wedding Dress

23 January 2015 0 Comments

While this is supposed to be the happiest day in every woman life, weddings put a lot of a pressure on the female presence. Mostly because everyone expects you to look your best. Since all eyes are on you, the wedding dress is by far the most important statement you can make. Shopping for the […]

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20 Bridesmaid Dresses That Fit The 2015 Wedding Season

22 January 2015 0 Comments

As part of the wedding party, the bridesmaid will always be admired by the guests of a wedding. Looking your best is a must, whether the color or model of your dress is imposed by the requirements of the bride or not. We’ve put together a series of dresses that are in trend in the […]

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2015 Mother of the Bride Dress Suggestions

16 January 2015 1 Comment

It is no secret that the mother of the bride is a very important person at any wedding. Aside from the bride/groom and the bridal party, lots of eyes will be turned to admire the mother of the bride. This is why it’s imperative to have an impeccable appearance, in both terms of behavior and […]

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White And Purple Wedding Gowns Are Glamorous

15 January 2015 0 Comments

We all know that white is the color of purity, so that’s why white wedding gowns make the most sense. But why would you choose purple as your secondary dress color? Purple is all about mystery and it is one of the rarest colors found in surrounding nature. It’s also referred to as “the color […]

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Spring 2015 Wedding Dress Suggestions

29 December 2014 0 Comments

Ready to get married in the upcoming year? Have you yet to find a dress to your liking? We have gathered out top 10 proffered wedding dresses that are part of several 2015 spring bridal collection. Under each photo, you will find the name of the designer/seller, as well a link to the source, in […]

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Most Beautiful Celebrity Wedding Dresses

20 December 2014 1 Comment

We know you girls love to look at wedding dresses. It’s also the toughest of choices when planning your wedding. Maybe looking at the gallery below, will give you an idea of what you want your wedding to look like. You simply must tell us which one of these you find to be the most […]

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How To Save Money On Your Wedding Dress

13 December 2014 0 Comments

Lots of future brides seems to have their concerns concentrated on mostly one thing about their wedding planning: how to save money on several items, such as the wedding dress. Even if there are lots of brides who don’t want to compromise their look on the wedding, we can honestly tell you that you don’t […]

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Wedding Dress Line For Brides Who Want To Be Disney Princesses

08 December 2014 0 Comments

Dear Alfred Angelo, on behalf of all the future brides of the world, I want to thank you for this dream come true. Everyone knows that most women dream of their wedding dress ever since they were children, back in the days were Disney’s princesses were our best inspiration and our role models. We modestly […]

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Infinity Bridesmaids Dresses – Same Dress, Multiple Styles

05 December 2014 0 Comments

Even when they are invited to be part of the wedding party, bridesmaids would love to be able to dress into something that fits their own unique style. However, that does not make for some of the best wedding photos. Truth be told, ladies, you should all wear the same type of dress, but in […]

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How to find your perfect wedding dress with a small budget

10 October 2014 0 Comments

Every woman knows that the wedding dress is generally the most expensive item a future bride has to buy for her wedding. And the more Swarovski Crystals and Vera Wang creations you aim for, the more the prices are gonna go up. But let’s assume that you are on a budget and no matter how […]

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Blair Waldorf x Vera Wang – wedding dress fitting @ Gossip Girl

24 September 2014 0 Comments

One of the most beautiful wedding dresses we’ve seen in TV shoes was designed by Vera Wang and featured in the fifth season of Gossip Girl: it was from Blair Waldorf‘s royal wedding gown fitting. She eventually dropped this one and replaced it with another, also created by Vera Wang – but that one deserves […]

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Wedding Dresses For 2nd Time Around

23 September 2014 0 Comments

The idea that you shouldn’t wear a white wedding dress for 2nd time around is a preconceived one. OK, it is known that white color is the color of purity and clarity and innocence, and being a 2nd, a 3rd time bride doesn’t confer you the same status that you have had at your first […]

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