Chic Ruffle Wedding Flower Centerpieces

14 February 2019 0 Comments

The ruffled style seems to be in big trend when it comes to wedding flower arrangements and so we thought that it would be an inspired idea to bring these gorgeous designs here on this page. These centerpieces can surely stimulate your imagination and get inspired for your own wedding reception. We are convinced that […]

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Free Maps For Wedding Invitations

08 February 2019 0 Comments

Whenever you are set to create your wedding invitations, be they the DIY style or the ones you have selected online or in one of your local stationeries, they definitely have to include several data, information that is related to your wedding celebration. When your guests will receive your message of “We are in love […]

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Wedding Invitations With Ribbons

05 February 2019 1 Comment

Wedding invitations are very important, as they are the means through which you decide to let people know what you have finally decided to get married and that you want them all to come and be there for you in the most important and beautiful day of your life. Therefore, you should make sure you […]

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Channel Your Inner Goddess with Metallic Wedding Details

03 August 2018 0 Comments

Channel Your Inner Goddess with Metallic Wedding Details

This season brought us exciting wedding trends, making metallic tones the new greatest hit. From silver and gold (especially rose gold) to bronze and copper – these details will add the much-needed glamour to your wedding style. The key is in the balanced look: even though weddings imply gala wear, you don’t want to go […]

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All You Need To Know About Wedding Withdrawal

09 August 2016 0 Comments

You spent your whole time planning your perfect wedding day. The only things you could talk and think about were wedding related: to do lists, your beautiful wedding dress, the flowers, the food, the maids of honor’s dresses, the location… For months you were the center of everyone’s attention; after all, you were the bride. […]

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Wedding Weekly #9: What Wedding Guests Hate, DIY Cake Toppers & The Photographer Who Turns You Into A Pocket-Size Bride

05 August 2016 0 Comments

Thanks for tuning in to read yet another awesome edition of Wedding Weekly. This week, we bring you 2 more awesome DIY tutorials for every bride who is passionate with crafting and ready to take her wedding planning matters into her own hands. In addition to that, we have 2 interesting articles that will approach […]

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Wedding Weekly #8: Breastfeeding Bride, Children at Weddings & DIY Wedding Treats

08 July 2016 1 Comment

Hello, ladies! Today we bring the 8th edition of wedding weekly, with lots of DIY videos that will teach you how to make awesome wedding-related things by yourself. We also found 2 controversial pieces of wedding news that we’d like to share and maybe get some insight on the matter on our Facebook page. Without […]

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Wedding Weekly #7: Decorating Your Cake, Emotional Altar Moment and the Woman Who Faked Her Own Wedding

17 June 2016 0 Comments

Welcome to the 7th edition of Wedding Weekly, your source of helpful, emotional, funny and juicy wedding-related articles and videos across the web. It’s been a while since you last heard from us (don’t worry, we haven’t been lying around doing nothing), but we’ve been working on some pretty awesome wedding-related courses for brides. But […]

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Wedding Weekly #1: Wedding fails, cultural diversity and DIY proposal boxes

25 March 2016 0 Comments

Weekend’s-a-knockin` so I bet you’re all excited to wrap up this week’s work. So in an attempt to make this day go away easier, we’re starting a new section on The Wedding Specialists, called Wedding Weekly. Each Friday we will gather a few stories for you that we believe are somehow the highlights of the […]

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[INTERVIEW] Sandy Malone: “I’ve planned 500 weddings”

26 June 2015 0 Comments

Here’s one of my favorite interviews so far, featuring Sandy Malone, one of the most charismatic and energetic wedding planners I’ve ever spoken to. Sandy has ton of wedding-related experience and I’m sure her answers will WOW you as well as they WOWed me. Q: Sandy, thank you so much for agreeing to do this […]

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[TUTORIAL] How To Make Your Own Bridal Flower Crown

11 June 2015 0 Comments

Sandy Malone, internationally-syndicated wedding columnist and star of TLC’s “Wedding Island,” has just posted a new YouTube video, teaching 2 of her interns how to create flower crowns for brides. This simple 10-minute video is a must-see for all DIY brides out there who want to contribute to their own wedding as much as possible. […]

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[INTERVIEW] Wedding Planner: “On the wedding day itself I’m there for a few crucial reasons…”

15 May 2015 0 Comments

Today, our “Vendor Spotlight” features Bethany Bevis, founder of the wedding planning agency named Mode20. She’s here to talk about what a wedding planner can do for a bride and offers valuable insight for all other wedding planners. All the photos in the interview are taken from Bethany’s past wedding and all photo credits go […]

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Bridal Shower Idea #2: Crafting The Decorations

11 May 2015 0 Comments

First of all, I should mention that this bridal shower is only appropriate in specific cases. If you know that the bride is looking to make some of her own wedding decorations, I’m pretty sure she could use the help of her bridesmaids. So why not put together a surprise bridal shower where you girls […]

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4 DIY Ideas For A More Original Wedding

05 May 2015 0 Comments

DIY wedding decorations are not only trending, but they can save you quite a lot of money, provided you have the time to make them yourself. We are going to give you the recipes for some awesome DIY wedding decorations. You can ask your bridesmaids to help you make them, which can provide some more […]

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Some DIY Candy Bar Ideas

04 March 2015 0 Comments

A few years ago, wedding favors were a trend that everyone went hysterical over, but today, the delicious and colorful candy bar is that thing that everyone wants to have at their wedding. Here are some ideas that will help you get started on making your own candy bar, since this is an option known […]

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The History Behind Wedding Favors

27 February 2015 0 Comments

Wedding favors are a gift for guests, meant to thank them for being a part of the most important day of your life, as well as to give them something to remember this day by. But where do wedding favors really come from? Lost of people see the wedding favors as a souvenir, a rather […]

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If You Want Awesome Wedding Photos, You Need To…

21 January 2015 0 Comments

Everyone will tell you that the memories of your wedding day will always be with you in your heart and you will forever treasure the moments you’ve spent with your spouse and loved ones. However, nothing will ever convince a bride not to get the best photographer she can afford. No matter how treasured these […]

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Having A Superb Great Gatsby Themed Wedding

08 December 2014 0 Comments

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from watching “The Great Gatsby” is that those people knew how to have fun. I mean, if those people knew how to throw a party, can you imagine what they could do with a wedding reception? Well, ever since people watched the movie, venues all around the world have […]

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