The Bustle: A Very Practical Thing For Your Wedding Dress

11-11-Ideas for Weddings Wedding Tips & Ideas | June 24 2015 | by Mary | 0 Comments

You know brides with a long dress often have difficulties in dancing and moving around the venue? Well, brides would say it’s a small price to pay to look gorgeous and have the dress of your dreams.

We say: get a bustle! A bustle gathers up extra fabric or a train with buttons or ties to keep the hem of your gown from dragging on the floor.

You can bustle the hem after the ceremony and it will give you freedom to move around, without having to sacrifice the beauty of the dress by dragging it all over the floors and having others step on the gem.


You can ask your tailor to add a bustle, but make sure that your bridesmaid is with you for the final fitting, so they can learn how to do the bustle.

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