Brown Wedding Cakes

Food & Drinks | April 02 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

Chocolate wedding cakes still are at rage this year and more and more modern brides and grooms are choosing this flavor and dark shade for a spectacular and unforgettable wedding cake. Among the most popular and delicious chocolate wedding deserts the brown wedding cakes are the best colored ones.

This color is definitely not a traditional, formal, conventional, unassuming, dutiful and usual color for a wedding cake and that is the main reason why contemporary couples seem to choose it for their big day. The more one manages to be original, unusual, distinctive and radical the more is satisfied. That is a modern rule that can be applied even in this field. Contemporary wedding cake designs, color combinations and flavors are becoming more diverse and attractive.

Sleek, intricate, stunning, magnificent, artistic, creative and different are only a few feathers of the modern wedding desert that so many are seeking for the special day. For a very elegant, romantic, chic and stylish wedding, the brown wedding cakes are a splendor. But this unusual colored wedding cake is actually even more suitable for an autumn or a winter wedding day.

Not to mention how lovely and inspired a blue and brown wedding cake would look like within a beach wedding frame. Brown is considered to be a color of integrity, earth, honesty, elegance, good taste, simplicity and royalty in the same time, warmth, affection, sensitiveness, inspiration and sobriety.

All these qualities are perfect for a memorable wedding day, especially if the color is associated with other matching shades such as white, pink, blue, green, yellow, gold, purple, ivory, cream or red. But the brown color has also many unique and specific blending shades that can be beautifully used in a diverse and creative wedding cake and they are: beige, creamy, taupe, chocolate or peat

Any of these nuances can create an original, delicious and classy brown wedding cake. Couples usually use the brown color for a bold and sober contrasting color that is appropriated to black. And because many consider black to be a very harsh and heavy color, the brown appears to be the most suitable and closest next shade that can be used to accentuate a delicate wedding cake color.

Many couples are seeking for an unusual, exquisite, trendy, impressive, adorable and still delicious wedding cake and that is they finally choose to bring a sophisticated but still simple and adorable brown wedding cake to serve their guests with. For a brown wedding cake chocolate flavor combinations are perfect, especially because everyone love chocolate. Only in a few cases people dislike it and that is when they are allergic to it or they are not allowed to eat it because of a special diet.11