Blink 182 Wedding Songs

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Nowadays is very common to include in the music repertoire of a wedding reception, songs that at the first sight don’t seem to be so appraised or even understood by a large number of wedding participants. Rock music has always been the music of the rebels, the music that was born out of a non-conformance of young generations in an attempt to express their freedom and disgust against prejudices. However in time, due to the rock ballads, people started to gradually accept the concept of rock, but it seems to be accepted only that rock having the sounds of a peaceful and romantic ballad. One thing we have to mention is that you should never let your DJ surprise you with a playlist. This is one of the top bridal regrets! You can find more real bridal regrets in our complete wedding planning course.

So, in this way rock has penetrated beyond the limits that a close-minded society has imposed. Today the wedding couples often choose the sound of rock in the selection they make for the wedding music. One of the bands that released songs which proved appropriate for this kind of event is Blink 182.

blink-182-wedding-songsBlink 182 is an American rock band that plays its music with predominant pop punk sounds. The band appeared in 1992, first called “Blink”, had as members Tom deLonge (vocals, guitar), Mark Hoppus (vocals, bas) and Scott Raynor (drums), who lately in 1998 was replaced by Travis Barker.

From the long list of Blink 182’s releases, we can find some songs that can be rendered the title as “Blink 182 wedding songs“. One of them and the most popular is “I’m lost without you”, a song that describes the feeling of solitude when the beloved one is not around. The things that go bad whenever she is not around, make him to feel lost in the helplessness of a situation. When she is gone, everything seems to fall apart, the nights are filled with dreams that bring her close, and the fear starts crawling inside his soul, because he keeps feeling lost without her.

“I miss you” is a single released in February 2004. The lyrics in the song are more appropriate for a modern gothic themed wedding, though the message is delivered to the beloved one, the atmosphere the words deliver is the one that suits better a Halloween night, than a wedding party. The song was released together with a music video that was shot inside a haunted mansion. The song sends references to the 1993 cult film “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, which actually constituted the theme for Travis Barker’s wedding. The beloved one is seen as an angel in a nightmare atmosphere where the ghosts of long dead victims are playing a hide and seek game. He still hears the voice in his mind calling for her to rescue him from that nightmare, from the darkness that haunts him and make him suffer. Her arrival would be the only thing that can chase his pain away.

“Feeling this” is a song about the feelings one has inside while making love to the beloved one. The song is displaying a repetitive chorus of “I’m feeling this” in the lyrics to emphasize better the intensity of the sensations which carry him into the realms of bliss whenever they make love. The end of the song is sadly revealing the solitude that can be generated by disillusion.

In the list of their songs, wedding couples can find other more songs that can make the object of their wedding music; it is worth searching for them as it is quite a challenging experience and offers choices that can reflect your style and personality.11

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