Beach wedding cakes

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When you choose your wedding theme is definitely a very hard decision because the theme that you select defines your personality and defines your whole wedding. Be careful because every little detail has to a integrate part of the theme that you have chosen.
Although it is a quite hard decision that you have to make, choosing the wedding theme is also a pleasure and you have endless possibilities on your hand. A romantic wedding theme, a season theme or a floral theme are just some of the themes that couples love.

Another popular theme is the beach. Couples love the beach decorations and colors that they can use. For example a beach wedding cake looks really great and you can decorate it with some magnificent elements. Beach wedding cakes are a trendy and fancy idea that you can definitely try at your wedding. Here are some ideas for decorations, cake toppers or flowers and you can use.

Sea life wedding cakes
One of the most amazing themes that you can choose for a summer wedding is a beach theme. This theme offers you some great decorations that you can try. To create an actual part of the sea life you can use some special decorations. Choose seashells and sea stars. You can try real or fondant ones because they both look great. You can choose typical colors like white, ivory or pink for a traditional beach cake. Blue, purple or green fondant shells look magnificent and are perfect for an extravagant and modern beach wedding cake.

Seaweed or other sea plants look fantastic on your wedding cake. Try what colors you like because a bright wedding cake looks spectacular. Sugar-paste and gum-paste ones are a special choice and they also look exotic. Fish and dolphins are a must at a beach theme. Use them as decorations or as cake toppers because they look marvelous. These can be made from fondant, marzipan, chocolate or sugar-paste. They taste and look fabulous. Corals are other special and unique idea that you can try for a beach wedding theme. Try fondant ones and choose colors like red, blue and green because the mixture is really amazing. Try frosting cake toppers because they are very refreshing and they will really jazz up your cake. Use sea stars, dolphins, mermaids or a beautiful shell with a pearl as cake toppers. They are quite unique and you will have a special wedding cake.

Floral wedding cakes
Flowers can’t miss at this splendid theme. Summer has some exotic and unique flowers that will look great on your wedding cake. Choose bright colors and crazy floral arrangements. Use hydrangea, zinnia, daisies, freesias or sunflower. As a tip it is better to use fresh flower because they will really spice up your wedding cake. You should check with your florist before choosing the flowers because some of them are dangerous and toxic.

Castle wedding cakes
A castle wedding cake is perfect for a beach theme. Decorate it with shells, stars and pearls and it will look exquisite. You can also add some sand made from brown sugar. It is a unique idea that you can try.

Two special beach wedding cakes
Try a three tier blue wedding cake decorated with fondant blue and white seashells and scroll work. Surround every tier white blue pearls. It is a simple and elegant beach wedding cake. A three tier white fondant cake decorated with cascading exotic flowers is perfect for this theme. You can also add some fondant stars and seashells. It looks astonishing.

Beach wedding cakes are always a marvelous summer idea that you can select. Beach decorations look amazing on a wedding cake so try them!11

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