How to Avoid Crying During the Ceremony

Wedding Tips & Ideas | April 26 2016 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

A lot of women (even men!) cry at weddings. It is normal to be emotionally overwhelmed at such ceremonies. Just imagine when the bride walks down the aisle, and she looks so beautiful and happy that you want to cry. But what if you are the bride, or the groom? Everyone looks at you, you’re an important piece in your wedding. Should you cry? There is nothing wrong with a few tears dripping down off your cheeks, but what if your crying is not that silent and elegant and you make a lot of weird noises? You might embarrass yourself. If you want to learn more about wedding planning at its finest, check out this online course.

In such situations you should know how to control your emotions. This article will reveal a few tricks which will help you avoid dripping tears during wedding ceremony without appearing to be an emotionless puppet.

Try some laughter therapy. If you are happy and you feel like crying out of emotion, then you should laugh. Compared to crying loudly, laughing is less embarrassing and it is contagious- makes people happy. When you feel like you are getting chills down your spine, giggle a lite, most definitively people will not find it awkward that you smile and look happy; there is no rule that oblige you to cry at a wedding.

If you are the groom, you should practice reciting your vows. Before the wedding ceremony try to find some time and rehears your vows with your soon to be spouse and if possible, with your minister. It would be much easier to hold it together and not be nervous in front of your guests, since you already know what is going to be like. Include funny stories or phrases in your vows. It is not an easy thing to declare your love for your partner and engage for a lifetime in front of your family and friends. Your eyes will water and your voice will be shaken, but when you get to the funny part of your vows, you are going to relax and amuse your audience.
Think about your makeup. It might sound funny, but you would not want to ruin your makeup, when you look so beautiful and you probably invested lots of time and money in it. Try to blink a bit more often than usual and that should do it.

Choose your music carefully. For many, music can be a big emotional trigger. Therefore, if you are thinking about going down the aisle to a song that makes you completely emotional and weepy, you might want to reconsider. Try to choose an elegant march theme.

Last, but not the least, just BREATHE. If you feel like you are going to tear up, you should slow down for a second and take a deep breath.

Keep in mind that this is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, a few tears of joy are perfectly normal, even to be expected, so just enjoy your moment, have fun and make a good memory.

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