Atelier Versace Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | March 14 2011 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

In this article we are going to present you a few brilliant and exclusive evening or cocktail wedding dresses designed by Versace for a unique and highly fashionable 2011 Spring/Summer collection that we recommend to both brides and female wedding guests.


We know that there are many women out there who want to see more bridesmaid and guests dresses on our website and this is why we thought to write this article on these superb Atelier Versace wedding dresses that we are pretty sure many of you will like and appreciate. Versace is one of those brands that never seem to go out of fashion and this is because this company’s designers work hard every year to release new “products” that can attract more admiring glances and style followers.

Every year this fashion house creates gorgeous collections that address in principal to contemporary bold women who live an independent type of lifestyle and who are always preoccupied with the way they look when appearing in society. These fabulous Atelier Versace wedding dresses we’re presenting here are perfect for those of you who wish to wear something more refined, high class and distinctive, that can separate your look among other women or brides.

We think that this bold colored collection should be viewed by all modern brides or women of today who are interested in wearing something chic, exclusive, expressive and provocative. We must confess that we like more the full length silhouettes than the short designs, and we prefer them because they look more sensual, classy, seductive and feminine.

They can offer the wearer a nice and flattering look and feel, where the fluid lines and the expensive refined fabrics are able to provide any women with both an enviable silhouette and a comfortable casual feel. We like the graceful cuts, the breezy silhouettes, the ultra elegant lines and the soft materials used for designing and adorning most of these Atelier Versace wedding dresses.

The designers who created these dress masterpieces were inspired by the very feminine and delicate innocent look and silhouette of the modern woman and thought to transform the simple and casual gown into a more glamorous and high class style that combines in a delightful and clever way tenderness and boldness.

We like the burgundy, blue, ecru, cream and metallic green Atelier Versace wedding dresses made especially for women who wish to wear something more provocative, exotic and yet very dainty and romantic.11


  1. OllaMy

    March 17, 2011 at 2:49 pm

    Simply superb wedding dresses. What I like most about them is that they can really be worn. They are not just dresses that you can get inspiration from, you can actually buy it and wear if it suits you. Amazing dresses. As a bride I would wear the first white dress, I like the gem on the dress that look like rays of a star. As a guest dress i would wear at a very high class wedding is the long blue one. That electrifying blue and the fluid volume of the dress just makes me think I am swimming in an ocean of happiness. It’s a great dress and it happens that I love blue and that this shade of blue is really amazing. BUt still, I like all the dresses here, just that these two here are more me. It happens, isn’t it? To like all but only one to match a person.


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