Zombie Wedding Cake Topper

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People who choose to make their wedding on Halloween (October 31-November 1) have either got it by mistake or are people with a very rich imagination. Halloween is one of the most creative themes for a wedding. The name “Halloween” comes from English, the term All Hallows’ Even, the name of Christian celebration of All Saints. Specifically for Halloween is the pumpkin carving, also called the “Jack’s Lantern”. That night, children dress up in witches, mummies and other characters and wander around houses asking “Trick or Treat?” (trick or candy?) as a sign of threat, so if you do not get candy, the caroled person will be playing a farce.

How can we adopt this celebration in the organization of our wedding? You can choose from several options, depending on your courage and that of your guests. First of all colors must be established based on this holiday: black, orange and red. A zombie wedding cake topper is also an element that you must not miss. The wedding dress is usually white or cream, now either choose to have the orange ribbon or a black dress or you choose to dress entirely in black, like Morticia from The Adams Family (for those bold), or you can opt for a gothic dress


Men have as usually an easy job, tux is ubiquitous on Halloween too. Bridesmaids can wear orange and black dress and hairstyle should be more chaotic than orderly. And the bride’s bouquet can be adopted in this style of colors that is orange. Specific invitations are decorated with spider webs, with zucchini, etc. may also be characteristic decorations instead of candles on the tables we put “Jack’s lantern, and tablecloths can also be black.

The most common symbols of Halloween are: candles, carved pumpkins, monster masks, corn, drawing on the body, which imitate the wounds, blood, big dark circles, etc.. Among the most common characters are: Dracula, Frankenstein, mummy, scarecrow, corpses, witches, skeletons, vampires, werewolves, bats, black cats, devils, etc.. The basic elements are the details of Gothic, always associated with the somber, with the night, with fear. You can inspire from all this to include in your Halloween wedding an original zombie wedding cake topper.


Halloween, like all themed holidays, is marked by several well-defined characteristics: one is quite important, the horror, fear, cravenness. Halloween, celebrated on October 31, has its origins in Celtic festival, Samhain. The name comes from Irish old and Samhain means summer’s end. In Christianity, this day is All Saints Day.
It is believed that on this day of Samhain, the boundary between the two realms (us and the realm of the dead), thus opening the spirits (good and bad) could go in our world. Inviting people into their homes good spirits and evil were banished. It is assumed that the custom of wearing masks came from here.

Capture the end of the night by capturing the fun of the party. Friends and family can really exaggerate and create great memories. Another idea is to fix an area by creating a background photo so that guests be able to stop and make merry portraits shot by a wedding photographer. Some couples hire artists to create cartoons, drawings or hand sketches guests during cocktail hour and the entire party. While the dance is in full motion, guests can take a break in order to make a caricature or a portrait, which they can take home as souvenirs.11

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